I’ve been thinking that the Capricorn mountain that we are all climbing might be easier if we change our shoes.  Perhaps that can be said about all things.

That Capricorn mountain is so many different things for so many different peeps and the trek itself might be bumpy, cold, long, dreary, frustrating, heartbreaking, difficult, scary OR it might be thrilling, exciting, surprising, breathtaking, smooth sailing and the best adventure ever.  How will you know when you start?   Chances are that at least half of the time, you won’t.   Sometimes we think we know what to expect but we get something completely different.

The Capricorn trek happens all through our lives, whenever we are ready to step up to a challenge, or NOT!  It may happen anyway.  Sometimes we ignore an invitation to walk a different path, try something different, change things up or let things go and sometimes our ignorance gets the better of us.  That invitation could be the Universe’s way of saying that you are at a crossroads, and life is going to change for you now, whether you like it or not.

Been there and done that – or had it done to me is a better way of putting it.  Being on the receiving end of that slam dunk is like going swimming in the winter. I’ve seen quite a few peeps doing that in the past couple of weeks on TV, and I personally think they are crazy!  But that’s just me (and man I really hope that I never get invited to do that!!)  But they seem to know what they are doing, and oddly enough they go back for more.

How about you?  Are you on a Capricorn trek these days?  Are you feeling pulled to be or have something new?  Perhaps you have been following along here and you have created the plan and the vision for something new in your life and all is going well.  I really hope so!!  It’s great when things work out that way, but sometimes they work out even better if we allow ourselves to struggle with the process.  Sometimes the end result is way more than we expected if we surrender to the challenges of the mountain trek and we lose ourselves in the experience of something difficult but very rewarding. 

On Sunday I was out playing in the snow and I found a trail that invited me to check it out, but with the snow that we’ve had lately, my hiking boots were not going to be high enough. So I set out down the trail on my snow shoes.  What could have been a very deep and cold walk for my tootsies, turned out to be a fun hike on a trail I had never seen.  Out on beautiful sunny day to boot 🙂

Being out on the trail, I realized that I was fortunate to have the right “shoes” for that trek.  Many times when we are faced with a challenge, or experiencing something difficult, it might be time to consider our shoes.  I don’t know about you but when I know that I have the right shoes on for whatever I am doing, then my feet feel good and they carry me wherever I need or want to go.  In many ways, our feet are our connection to the earth and the earth connection is what helps to ground us, which in turn creates stability and security.  I know myself that on any path that I choose to travel on, stability and security are so important in lending support to whatever I do.

When we don’t take the time to consider how stable we are feeling or what resources we have to contribute to our pursuits, then we may be taking on more than we can handle. Sometimes the timing is not right, or we may be trying something that is going to guide us away from our true self (and who we are) instead of allowing us to make a connection to our unique and authentic energy.  If you have set some goals for yourself and you find the road to achievement is becoming daunting, then it might be time to put everything on pause and to reflect on your process. It may be that you need to change your shoes.  It may be that you are more fragile than you think you are and you need to pursue something different.  Let your instincts guide you.

This is the time of year when all of the inspirations and aspirations, that became the intentions for the new year, begin to waver. The energy they held in the beginning is dissipating and plans for change start to lose their momentum.  It happens and that is reality.  Reality is with us every day to send a message, asking you to re-consider, inviting you to consider a new perspective, and always to show us that there is a better way. 

The moon is waning now and moving from last quarter light to crescent. This is the time to pause, take time to rest, take time to consider, take time for you.  In the break before the next new moon, become friends with the quiet and the darkness that comes with the waning light of the moon. It is a special time to withdraw and get to know yourself better – and to develop an understanding of your unique energy. Become aware of your feelings of stability, security and your grounded-ness.

If you are feeling satisfied with your progress through your trip through Capricorn, I give you a high five!!!  If you are feeling dissatisfied then allow yourself to fall in flow with the phases of the moon.  In this time before the next new moon, face your reality and give some thought to trying a new or a different pair of shoes!! 

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