I believe that words hold more power than anything and that they are at the root of various different feelings and emotions that we experience.  Now this is my perspective and this idea may not resonate with you.  I have a lot of water in my birth-chart and since water is chakra 2 and tied to emotion, that could be the reason that I feel and believe this.

If you take some time to reflect on our “wordy” exchanges throughout the day, would you think the same or something different?

The words we hear have the ability to change our feelings in a matter of seconds.  Think of the different reactions that you might feel when someone

  • Compliments you
  • Laughs with you
  • Expresses love to you
  • Yells at you
  • Laughs AT you
  • Swears at you
  • Talks “down” to you
  • Lies to you
  • Questions you

There are so many different feelings that can arise from each of these scenarios – and the feelings that arise are not just about the words that you heard.  The feelings that arise are also personal; about your perceptions, your reactions, your experiences, your beliefs and the value that you hold of yourself and the person who is speaking the words to you.

Here we are “speaking” of energy again. The energy received and transmitted in the exchange of the words – and the vibrations that these words hold. The words that you speak to others and what impact they have on those people are another dynamic of the power of words and this energy.  How they react to your words is an interesting consideration.  I say “interesting” because I have been exposed to situations where a highly critical person finds it difficult to hear and listen to criticism.  Also, where the ideas person is not really keen on listening to someone else’s ideas.

And sometimes the person who has or is feeling a deep sense of grief is not able to respond to the grief that someone else may be experiencing. Fair enough.

I was raised in a home where I usually cringed when my father’s words fell upon my ears – and yet longed to hear my mother speak and enjoyed speaking with her.  Perhaps it was my own inner nature and how I felt about myself that was the source of the way I felt, but as time went on it never really became any easier. However this sensitivity taught me to be very aware of how I speak to others.

Words have the power to set the tone in any exchange and in any relationship.  They express the energy of any situation.  What kind of energy are we hoping to express to others?  I personally like to be on the receiving end of high vibration – feel good energy and I love sharing that energy too.  It helps to make life more pleasant.  Good energy does that.

Sometimes the words don’t even have to be spoken.  There is also energy in the words that are not said.  This is also true of the words that are said about someone – and not to them.  It is your energy that is the root of these words (or thoughts) and when held in or restrained, physical and emotional health issues may arise.  Being aware of the words that we speak about others and choosing only those that we would share with the “subject” has an impact on the energy of those who are listening as well as your own.  Be the bearer of glad tidings and forge happier connections and higher vibrations in the world 🙂

What I have also learned is that I have the power to choose how I react to words.  They may be powerful, but they are just words and even if you haven’t any control over the words that are spoken to you, you definitely have control over how you react to them.  As we begin to connect with great energy and those higher vibrations, we feel stronger and more comfortable with ourselves.  That is another source of power – and it is in that power that you can decide.

When you hear words that you are not ready to accept, take some deep breaths and shift your energy.  Give yourself time to think about who is saying them and why – perhaps they are upset and have trouble dealing with what they are feeling.  In the moment they are overwhelmed and perhaps don’t understand the impact of their words.  What can you do to create levity in the situation?  How can you raise the energy of the exchange?  Your ego may be telling you to “give it right back” but is that really the best solution?  That is how wars start.

When we can connect from the heart, moderate our egos and tune into the underlying energy of any situation, we can influence any exchange of words. In doing this, you have a better chance of creating a difference in the energy everyone feels – during and after – and this is beneficial to everyone.  The energy of all of the words in the world can lift us up or tear us down.  The energy in all of these words written here is an expression of how I feel and my experience.  Sharing them helps me to understand myself and provides an opportunity to express my energy.

That is what words are all about. Sharing feelings, emotions and beliefs.

Our energy is key to our health and anytime we are able to expand our energy and create higher vibrations, we are making healthy connections for our bodies and our minds.  Your words can help to expand your energy.

Speak with love and from your heart  – and not just to others.  It starts with the words of love that you share with you.

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