I would love to share something pretty amazing with you. This is proof of the power of words!

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words and feelings.  Since our bodies are about 70% water, his experiments reveal how we are affected by our own thoughts, words and feelings, as well as that of others.

Masaru did many experiments and he found that water formed into different crystal formations, when frozen – when he showed the water words.  He would type different words on pieces of paper and wrap them around the bottle that contained the water.  Several words were used such as:

Love and Gratitude


You Fool



Do It!

I’m Sorry




(a photo of earth)

And nothing at all

This is a small sampling only and each of the bottles of water crystallized into completely different formations, just like snowflakes.  However, the words of love and caring had beautiful patterns in the crystals, while the lower vibrational words had lumps and they appeared contorted.  The four seasons were wrapped on 4 separate bottles and each one is different and spectacular.  They are stunning!

So what does this tell you about the effect of words and thoughts on water?? On our bodies? On our minds? On nature and the earth?  And on our spirit?

Masaru shares that he thinks that the beautiful crystals are symbolic of the grandeur of the world and the misshapen ugly crystals are representative of the dark recesses that are dormant in our souls. He feels that the crystals are filled with lessons on how we should live our lives….and there’s more.

Because we are all connected to water in this one and very same way, what does that tell us about race and culture? 

Masaru also shares an analogy of how water in a river remains pure because it is moving and when it becomes trapped, it dies.  So, water must be constantly circulated. The water / blood in the bodies of those who are ill is often stagnant – and why does it become stagnant? He feels that it is due to stagnation of emotions because the conditions of our mind have a direct correlation to the condition of our bodies.

Moving, changing and flowing emotions indicate good health and well being.  This water and emotions is Chakra 2!  This is energy and water is the transporter of energy through our bodies – and throughout our natural environment.  

With his photos, Masaru also proved that water has memory.

He went on to use natural pure water, tap water, distilled water etc in his experiments, along with water from different areas of the globe.  All showed different results. He played music to the water! You can only imagine the effects of the vibrations of music.  Actually, you don’t have to just imagine, you can see some of the results on his website: https://thewellnessenterprise.com/emoto/

  Please check this out, it’s one of the most amazing lessons on life 🙂


The point I am trying to make here is that the vibration of good words has a positive effect on us and the world around us and the vibrations of the negative words have the power to destroy. His experiments are proof of the physical effects of positive words and their profound effect on us, our feelings and emotions.  Masaru found that one of the most beautiful crystals was formulated on the words Love and Gratitude 🙂

If you are loving you, you are contributing to your well being in many, many ways.  In the vibrations of your Love and Gratitude for yourself, your beauty is crystal clear!

2 thoughts on “Words: The Proof of Their Power

  1. His work his fascinating. Did you that it is believed in Japan that words have kotadama. That is they have ‘power’, ‘spirit’. The power of the words grow if you say them out loud. Be careful what you say or think. You are giving those thoughts and words more power: both negativity and positivity are increased!

    • Absolutely!! Even when you practice journaling, you are processing your feelings and thoughts through written words. The effects of these written words helps us to shift our energy as well. Thank-you Carolyn 🙂

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