Over the weekend I finished reading one of the books that I mentioned last week and wonder how life would be if I had read this book about 20 years ago?  I believe everything happens as it should and in the appropriate time, however with this book I felt like the author was speaking directly to me about issues where I have expended a lot of energy over those 20 years, trying to figure them out.

Last week I mentioned the concept of our sacred retreat or inner Home and how connecting to those places and through realizing a deep love for ourselves, we can handle all or most of the shit shows that we are invited to participate in.  Better yet, when we are coming from a secure and confident connection to our inner Home then we will be able to decline those invitations until eventually we will not receive them anymore.  That’s a great thing!!

Like I said, OUT with drama!

If I had had the tools that would have allowed me to understand who I am and to begin to build the foundation of my Home, fewer tears would have been shed and I feel like I would have a better handle on some of my personal aspirations.  Once we build the foundation of our Home, we can take the steps to create the rooms within it that become our sacred retreat.  If we are not aware of how to do this, or if we have not been so great at loving ourselves, then more than likely we have been looking for the security and comfort that Home offers, within someone or something else.

Investing in something or someone external, believing that they are the key or the source to our happiness.  We accept their invitation to move into their Home hoping that they will provide the love and support we need.  But what happens when the something falls apart, or the someone gets sick or goes away?  The door to their Home becomes locked or it dissolves, and then what?  That is when I found myself Doing Time. I had never learned how to have faith in myself or had the support I needed to develop the confidence that would have helped me to make different choices throughout my life. Choices that would have created different experiences, opportunities and along with that, the courage to face my personal fears.

So if I had had the opportunity to read this book 20 years ago, what would my life look like now? There are likely many of you that might ask that question about what is perceived as a missed opportunity.  We often ask “what if” ?   One thing I do know is that the hardest times in my life have actually helped me to come to an understanding of who I am and have helped me create a foundation for my inner Home.  The foundation is now a very strong one and I believe in myself more and more every day. I am in tune with what feels right for me and in connecting with that alignment I am finding my way. This book has been a love note from the Universe affirming to me that I am on the right path now.

The beautiful Universe is also rewarding me now – not just through the gift of independence and the chance to create my own amazing inner Home, but also through challenges that continue to define who I am as well as how I want my life to be. 

My inner Home has provided a lot of comfort and security for me since I have learned to love myself.  It is my sanctuary and because I intentionally seek out this sacred place to rejuvenate my spirit and my psyche, I have found that Doing Time is becoming a thing of the past.  I am learning about me and life in different ways now, and it feels damn good! 

By the way, if it had not been for my recent dental problem I may not have come across this book.  After my first root canal appointment I took a walk into Masonville Mall to check something out.  It was nothing important so I would not have bothered doing so if I had not been in London to see the dentist.  Walked past Coles the bookstore and felt the urge to look at the display of books on the table. This is an example of how the Universe delivers in mysterious ways. 

If any of this resonates with you, then please invest in the book Welcome Home by Najwa Zebian!  I can guarantee it will be a game changer for you 🙂



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