Who are you?  How often do you get asked that question, and by whom?

In my lifetime I don’t really remember anyone asking me who I was, except me!  I have asked myself that question plenty of times, at different stages of my life.  Why did I care who I was?  Because as my life evolved and I looked back on experiences that were memorable – and why – I found that these experiences were the energy behind who I was and who I am becoming.  I’m not done yet – nor will I ever be!

Life evolves and we evolve along with it.  It’s the evolution process itself that creates our perceptions, our feelings and our thoughts and beliefs about our life.  It can be an amazing and joy filled expedition or it can be a long and arduous trip into hell. My personal belief is that you can choose which you want it to be – and that choice will determine the quality of your energy and your ability to connect with your true authentic self. 

As I have mentioned way too many times, the joy in living comes from living authentically.   Living authentically comes from loving yourself.  If you have that figured out and you are in tune with who you are and living a life you love, then congratulations!!   That is my definition of success and you are my hero 🙂

I’ve also droned on about my learning experiences and the opportunities that I’ve had to tune into the natural rhythms of nature, and how that has helped me to engage and to heal.  To discover MY true authentic self. 

The most interesting of all of my discoveries came about when I began to learn how to analyze my birth-chart, and find the meaning behind the placement of the sun, the moon and the planets in the sky, at the time of my birth.  What I found there blew me away!

It revealed so much about why I do the things I do – why I enjoy the things I pursue and why I have made many of the choices that I have over the years. It was a diagram of my personality, my identity, my what, where and why.  It was showing me the answer to that question, who am I?  It was a big golden key to loving ME!

We are prisms of light. Each and everyone of us – light that is energy – and light that shines out into the world.  Your light is unique and the more you love and accept yourself, the brighter it shines.  Your light, your energy is a composition of the energies of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and their relationship to each other with their placement in the sky, on the day you were born.  

It is an artful depiction of the elements fire, earth, water and air and their influence in who you are.  To understand how they impact us, check out Planets Bring Elements to Life.



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