See the sun shining and you are getting a glimpse of what third chakra energy is all about.  It is connected to the element of fire and it is a healthy combination of our first chakra physical influenced by our second chakra emotions.

The sun shares warmth, light and love – as we do when we are living our best life and we are experiencing high vibes!

To get better acquainted with third chakra energies, allow yourself to imagine a light bulb that has a prism like setting.  When that bulb is functioning as it should, the brilliant light that it casts is a combination of coloured rays.  They are red, orange, yellow, green and blue.  These colours form a  dazzling prism of light that brings feelings of warmth, love and acceptance.  The feelings are so enchanting that it feels like the light bulb has a heart 🙂

The rays of colour are sometimes altered and may not shine as brightly as at other times.  There may be days where the red is dull, which can have an effect on the other rays.  The red and orange might be shining brightly however the yellow may look like it has a brownish tinge to it.  Perhaps the green or the blue are looking like the mould on cheese and creating a distortion with the other colours. With these colour abnormalities, we also experience different feelings about the bulb and the prism light.  We are not feeling so enchanted.

Now let’s put that visual on the back burner for a couple of minutes.  In every day life, we are constantly in a state of re-action.  We may also be finely tuned in the moment, and at other times we may be in a pro-active mode.  However the type of re-action that I am thinking of here is going on in the present and in the pro-future-active mode.  

Just now, while typing away, my finger is itchy.  I scratch it – react.  I am shifting in my chair – react. I stop for a moment to consider my next words – react.  This happens all day long:

  •  get out of bed; react to the need to get ready for work or other things
  • eat some breakfast; react to my body’s desire to feel nourished
  • shower or bathe; react to my desire for good hygiene – to my desire to not be offensive
  • get dressed; react to my being self conscious when naked OR react to society’s conditioning of appropriate apparel OR react to my feelings of vanity and how I wish to be perceived

so now are you with me?  Do you see how mostly everything is “re-active”?

On top of this, there are billions of us all here on the planet who are continually reacting in different ways that are dependent on many different things.

Do you remember my story that I shared with you of my walk in the park? My interaction with the young lady on a bicycle who thought I was in her way?  We both reacted to that situation in the best way that we knew how.  The energy that we exchanged in that situation was third chakra energies, influenced by many different thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Each of us feeling that we had valid reasons to behave as we did.

We are light bulbs with prisms of beautiful light that are charged with the energy that we experience as we “re-act”.  The 5 rays of colour represent chakras 1 – 5.  Chakra 3 is yellow – and it is the warmth, light and love of fire when all of our rays are melding and blending and shimmering, without distortion.

When we truly love and accept ourselves for who we are – all the colours in whatever shade or tone, and dull or bright – then we express a natural light that is enchanting. The world sees our colours and because we are happy and comfortable with our colours, then that energy vibrates out and it tells the world that you are perfect just the way that you are.  You are beautiful brilliant light!

We are now embarking on a journey that will help each of us understand our unique energy and our unique light.  Stay with me 🙂  xo



1 thought on “Warmth, Light and more Love – Chakra 3

  1. Beverly Thiel says:

    Well written & the pictures relate so well with the colors you are describing. That is why I have always loved the colors in the Fall season with the blue skies. It is all in how you see the world.

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