When you hear the name Venus, what comes to your mind?  Goddess, love, planet?

And razors for shaving legs??  Lol

Venus is a story of love and relationships, and beautiful works of art. If we are able to connect with the energy of Venus and find resonance within her vibrations, then we are blessed.  However so many things often hit the rails within our relationships and we question the feelings that we thought were like and love – but why all the pain?

To quote the band Nazareth, Love Hurts!!

Love (romantic and friendship) is very complicated and I have had my fair share of disappointment, frustration and heart break with the energy and frequencies of Venus.  However, it is through all of that pain that I have come to learn so much about myself and it has allowed me to have a different perspective on what a relationship means to me.

No wonder, with Venus in Scorpio in my birth chart – a clear sign that I was going to have to go deep to resolve the conflicting Venus energy that I have experienced. As with anything, the more open we are to finding answers within, the more likely we are to becoming aware of the causes of the pain – and the more likely we are to bring resolution to the scratches, dents and wounds of our relationships.

When cupid’s arrow strikes, your emotional health will be the determining factor in whether that arrow is a blessing or if it is being sent to engage you in battle.  That’s Mars energy and that’s another story.

Our emotional state creates a level of energetic vibration that attracts similar vibrations. For example, for someone who is experiencing relationship issues due to a lack of confidence, there is a really good chance that the other party is riding that same wave. This could be personal, professional, romantic or relation.  When the other person expresses themselves, you may feel resistance or even repulsion. Their energy is off and its damn uncomfortable! But what is causing you to feel this way?

Discomfort is awareness energy! Discomfort is supposed to motivate you to take action to alleviate the discomfort.  How often does that happen when the shyza is hitting the fan in your relationships?  I looked the other way for many years!  Until I had 2 choices, discomfort and more discomfort. The longer we hold out in taking the appropriate action to resolve our discomfort, the fewer choices we have. If we do nothing, then the day will come when the action is taken for us – and it may not be to your liking.  So, like I said, 2 choices – discomfort and more discomfort.

So what happened to Venus the Goddess of Love?  She is right there inside of you; inside each and every one of us.  You have to want to find her.  You have to decide if the discomfort that you are experiencing in your relationships warrants a life-changing decision, or is it something minor that you can live with?  We all have a different perspective on things and a part of the  conflict in relationships exists to make us aware that there are different ways of looking at things. Everyone is different.

Venus the Goddess is all about loving yourself enough to know the difference.

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