Loving ourselves is not always easy – sometimes it is never easy.

It may depend on how loud that little demeaning voice is that has set up a speaker inside your head.  That voice needs to GO!!  But that’s not easy either.

Let’s take a peek at ourselves – turn down the speaker or shut it off while we do this; we are all a mass of energy and vibrating cells and those cells work together individually and in groups to be the form that we are, As individuals, that form and the cells that vibrate together to create it are influenced by so, so many things and the “outcome”, or we could say “the sculpture” that we are is very much influenced by Love.

Because if we are feeling the Love, we tend to honor, respect and care for all of those cells through healthy habits. If you’re not feeling the love you may be so inclined to be uninterested or detached to the treatment and the feelings committed to your “sculpture”.

We are all amazing sculptures that are perfect in every way!  We are a creation and work of art in every way possible.  Your body is a miracle and is the home for your soul and it truly resonates in all of its glory when it feels the Love – your Love.

Take a moment to consider what you do Love and what you Love to do. You are inspired and sparked with creativity and enthusiasm and usually have a lot invested in the outcome of everything that you Love. 

If you do not Love, then you don’t care so much and it is apparent through your expression.  Your expression is your unique vibration.  

So at what frequency are you vibrating?  Tune in to the Loving You Now station and see how close you are to the signal. It will be music to your ears 🙂 

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