I have to share a secret with you.   I cannot count the number of times that I have started my plan through the years, with plenty of inspiration and plenty of imagination.  However my focus was always de-railed by temptation and “shoulddo”!  (also known as the words you tell yourself “but I should do…………”)   Then the plan would end up on a shelf with other notebooks and other plans.  My heart and soul always knew that I had a legitimate plan,  however my deepest inner self doubted its validity.  Honestly, I did not have the faith in myself to carry through.  I conveniently allowed temptation and shoulddo to prevent me from taking the risk of failure.

That is something that the energy of Capricorn has some issues with.  Taking risks.  Capricorn is all about the plan and all about achieving, and the self-respect that comes from the effort.  For some reason Capricorn hasn’t quite realized that the risk we take in trying something can also help us to realize that we may be trekking in the wrong direction.   If that is the case then the sooner we understand that the better.

My plans and plan revisions and my attempts to create that were not successful were some of the best experiences I could have had.  Capricorn and the planet Saturn are here to guide us through our exposure to challenges, obstacles, limitations.  They are instructing us to create perspective and how to persevere.  I would bet that most people who have succeeded with their plan will also tell you that success came because of ongoing and unrelenting perseverance.  No matter how many times they were tempted or felt the call of shoulddo, they managed to begin again and keep on going.

As I look back on my own situations that undermined my focus and led me away from my plan, I can see some things that I did not see at the time:

  •  I lacked the patience to commit to something that needed time; I was naive to the fact that most success takes quite a bit of effort
  •  I lacked the confidence to invest the time in myself
  •  I lacked the faith I needed to have in myself
  •  I was not completely aligned with the ideas that I had in mind

Like winter that is long and difficult, so is Capricorn.  There’s no sugar coating here.  If you are truly ready for change, it’s going to take effort and its going to take time.  That’s why this time around I am committing to focus on this for the entire year of 2022 – and perhaps longer

The learning experiences that we enjoy through life come from the energy of Saturn – and Saturn rules Capricorn.  I have learned a lot through my various attempts to bring my plan(s) to life.  Most of all, through time I have come to understand why I struggled and I have developed the confidence to know that this investment in me is going to be well worth my while.  No matter what.

Always be kind to yourself.  Most of all be kind enough to allow yourself to attempt this experience. It may feel like work and tedium to those of us who do not have strong earth elements but it really is an opportunity to connect with your authentic self. Trust the process 🙂

If you are struggling with your plan, please do not judge yourself or be hard on yourself.  If you are struggling with focus, this may indicate that you aren’t really sure what your goal is.  Clarity on what I really wanted was one of my first stumbling blocks.  I had to continue to explore my options and to be open to a different approach at times.  Each time I lost focus was the universe sending me a message that I needed to re-think the plan, to be flexible and to learn to follow my intuition.  

Then I became aware that if I changed my perspective on how I would accomplish my goal, then I might be more effective at generating the energy of my plan.  Being in alignment with the energy of my goals has been elemental in bringing me to a place where I now have a very strong focus and with that focus, temptation and shoulddo have been banished to the shelf with the old plans.   

Capricorn is the earth element and earth is  physical existence.  Earth is solid, stable, a foundation, secure, rigid, and unyielding.  To connect with earth is a grounding experience, and being grounded is key to successful manifestation.  

We are physical beings and it is our purpose to be inspired, to create and to manifest.  To bring the vision of spirit to the solidity of earth.  To bring the plan to life!



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