There are a couple of things I would like to write about in more detail.  I have mentioned these in earlier posts:  that would be the thoughts blaring out of the speaker in our heads AND love and acceptance of everyone – and that sort of leads back to our thoughts 🙂 

Let’s talk about our thoughts today (and every day)!  Most of us have an ongoing conversation going on in our head that consists of a variety of thoughts.  I know that you know this 🙂  Thoughts about what we need to do now and later, thoughts about things that we did do just now and prior, thoughts about what people are saying and what you are saying or what you think you should be saying…..and it goes on and on.

These thoughts are energy and when left to run in your head at their own free will they can be crippling and have the potential to be harmful.  Unless your thoughts are always blissful, then congratulations!!  However even in that respect, you would still benefit from some inner silence.

I have been writing about setting our vibration and how we can aspire to a higher vibration within, which happens through love.  Have you noticed how you feel when you have a warm and friendly, or even loving conversation with someone and what that does to you?!  You walk away feeling great!  Have you noticed how you feel when you have an altercation or discussion with someone who is not friendly and who uses words as weapons?  You walk away feeling hurt, sad or angry.  

Feeling great = higher vibration

Feeling crappy = lower vibration

Lower vibration = doing time

Then there are the thoughts that come around and around and through your head as a result of these exchanges.  Great or crappy, you will be better off if you can release those thoughts, clear your mind and dwell on peacefulness.

Silencing your mind is one of the best things that you can do to de-stress, bring peace into your heart and love into you.  You loving you.

This means that you develop an understanding that other people’s thoughts and words are just that.  Thoughts, words and energy that they feel is important and it may be to them – but very likely not so much for you.

Please understand that I am not suggesting that you stop talking to people! I am merely suggesting that you engage in the conversation and end the conversation when you walk away – unless you need to remember something from it for a future date.  Then write that down 🙂

Living in the present moment is key to controlling our thoughts.  If all we have to consider is the present moment, then life becomes much easier to deal with.

I am a certified consulting hypnotist and in the program that I enrolled in for my certification, I learned the effect that our mind and thoughts have on our sub-conscious as well as our well-being.  The program was very therapeutic for me.

I spent many years and a lot of energy giving too much thought to errant thoughts – and what other people thought.  It was emotionally and physically draining and robbed me of a lot energy. No more.  I learned to understand that in valuing me just the way I am and appreciating who I am and what I have, I could release all of the mind boggling noise that was sapping my inner peace.

I began meditating more than 10 years ago and I can tell you that the benefits of a meditation practice are well worth the effort.  Peace of mind, peace of heart and the delight of being aware in every moment.  It’s the true feeling of love and it is a gift that you are entitled to.

In loving yourself you begin to see that the conversation that the rest of the world is having is not nearly as important as the one you don’t have to have with anyone, simply because you are content, happy and feeling the love.

Is it easy?  nope!  It takes a commitment to silencing your mind whenever the speaker is turned up too loud.  I challenge you to begin the practice of peace and silence today.  How you approach it will be a personal decision, but you can try sitting silently and focusing on your breath, a candle, a mantra or nothing.  Just breathe a regular peaceful breath and relax a little more with each exhalation.  You will be amazed at what 10 minutes a day of silence will do.

Your sense of self will now have room to grow, along with your personal vibration, as that multitude of thoughts flows away – and Love will grow in that beautiful new space.

Without peace of mind, we are caught in a continuing cycle of doing time. Doing time can rule our mind and rob us of understanding and experiencing true connection.

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