I am continuing on from my last post with some ideas on how our energy affects everything around us and whatever we come into contact with.

I recall listening to a co-worker describe many times over that she always finds most people in coffee and food establishments to be terse.  She felt that they spoke to her in a condescending manner – and that she would actually see them change their mood with other customers, and treat them differently.  I am not here to speak to the behavior of people, however I had witnessed this co-worker behave the same way toward other people – so this seems to be a perfect example of you “get what you give”.  

Could it be that the energy that she was expressing was coming back to her? It would seem that way.

Getting back to my staycation and the wonderful state of relaxation that I was (and still am) experiencing, is another similar example of the frequencies of vibrations finding a “match”.  I believe that we have to find tranquil moments to be gifted with tranquil moments.

If you are not taking the time to clear your mind and relax then you are going to deprive yourself of a level of awareness that is needed for you to become cognizant of how you are in the world.  That awareness comes through when you get quiet and tune in to you. Going in and experiencing how it feels to be you. Because how you are in the world creates perception and often the perceptions of others have a large impact on how we are in the world.  It’s another one of those circles!

So, let’s think about the sun that rises every morning and sets every evening – also a circle.  That sun warms us, nurtures us and all of the living / natural world, and it lights the way for us.   Where would we be without it?   We too rise in the morning and set in the evening, as a manner of speaking. We receive the energy of the sun, and in the circle of life, we use that energy to express ourselves out into the world.  The sun shines on us and through us and the circle flows as we move our energy out.  The Sun that we are impacts everyone around us,  just as the sun in the sky.

But what about the warming, nurturing and sharing the light?  Can you honestly say that is how you are showing up in the world?  What is your awareness telling you?

We are all very different and unique individuals so we will all have a different perspective on what we feel is warm, nurturing and being the light.  Furthermore, in being your true authentic self, you may exhibit one of these traits very naturally and the others not so much.  That is a very important consideration.  Being your true authentic self is actually what allows you to shine naturally like the sun – the true you will generate the energy that attracts more of the energy that you resonate with personally.  

When this happens, you find yourself relaxing into a rhythm that vibrates out into the world in such a way that you begin to feel connected energetically.  That is what I have been feeling since I made relaxation the focus of my staycation.  How I was actively “vacationing” was not as important as how I was being mindful of the “why” I was vacationing.  

I took this picture on one of my vacation beach days – it resonates with that connection that I am feeling:

Once again, since we are all unique individuals, my “why” and my desired outcome of vacationing could be very different from yours.  It is the fact that we seek or create the circumstances that bring us to that state, and surrender to whatever and wherever that leads, is what is key. 

You have to know yourself to become your true self and to share your Sun shine!  Getting to know you is our next pursuit 🙂




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