Becoming aware of your feelings, your reactions and actions and your energy is the best way to start to understand your individuality and unique energetic profile. There is not one other person in the universe who is the same as you, however each of us is a part of the same vast web of energetic frequencies and vibrations. 

Think of the ocean with each of us being a wave, rising and falling with our own rhythm.

To have an understanding of this energy and the influence it has on our lives can make a significant difference in our experience of life. This understanding brings light to many of the possibilities and anything in your current experience that might be preventing you from enjoying all of those possibilities.

It took some significant changes in my life, and a desire to understand the how and the why of those changes led me to this quest.  It has taken some time however I am now in a place where I know myself and I am creating a life that resonates with my personal energetic self.  In getting to know myself I have learned to love me for who I am and what I am.  I am comfortable and content.  My life experience is enhanced through a new relationship that honors the dynamics of energy that can only be valued through an appreciation of life.  

All of this has also helped me to consider and comprehend the uniqueness in all of us and I have learned a new appreciation for our differences.  Loving ourselves is the foundation for loving others – and it comes naturally when we understand what contributes to the unique energy and unique vibrations that each of us are.

Are you interested in being connected to and understanding you? Are you interested in knowing why you resonate with some fields of energy and then not so much with others? Why certain situations, places and people present challenges to you, and why others resonate deeply with you?  Are there changes you would like to make in your life and you are not sure how?  Would you love to love your life each day and enjoy each minute in it?  It’s an amazing subject to pursue – and it can only start with you!  

Let’s begin with tuning into the daily “vibrations” of our life. This is an exercise in being “intentional” and to be “intentional” we have to become familiar with feelings. Feelings, emotion and energy.  Being present is key, and if you are caught up in a demanding lifestyle that provides little time for reflection, then you will need to take a step or two to allow for quiet.

I have been talking about awareness and this is now where that awareness is of the utmost importance.  It’s up to you how you approach this, however I will take the liberty of suggesting what worked for me:

  • committing to certain times each day when I become completely present to what I am doing and what I am feeling – you may want to start with 10 minutes, 3 times a day or a half hour, twice a day but follow a routine that works well for you. If it does not work well, you will abandon it. 
  • developing a meditation practice, starting with 15 minutes daily of sitting comfortably and just observing your normal pattern of breathing – and each time your mind strays, bring it back to your breath.  Do not judge yourself and do not get caught up in thinking about whether you are doing it right or wrong.  Just breathe and experience it quietly.
  • become aware of how you react to different situations and what types of emotions are triggered – when you are stressed out from feeling overwhelmed (due to work, peeps, finances or daily responsibilities) then observe what that does to your body, your mind and your feelings.  Just observe.

and above all, keep on LOVING YOU!!





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