Further to the seeking – from my last post, consider this as well:

As you are now becoming more aware of situations that may create problems and people who know how to push your buttons in just the right way, you are becoming conscious of the field of energy where all of life plays out.

It is inevitable that in our day to day life, we are going to cross paths with people who are going to seem annoying and we are going to run into situations that are frustrating.  That is what life is and it is how we perceive and react to this energy that is the challenge that we are up against.  Learning the best way to deal with our discomfort – and this may not be the same for everyone.  Most things aren’t.

Last week I began to throw out some ideas around acceptance.  Acceptance is key to balancing the different streams of energy that we come across and that we exchange with others.

However, we still need to be mindful of what we are accepting.  If someone is attempting to push their agenda on you or attempting to force you into acting in such a way that makes you uncomfortable, then acceptance is going to be on them.  Them accepting your boundaries when you say “no” to their ideas.

This will also hold true when you are attempting to hold someone to account on something that you want – and they are not comfortable with it.  Then your acceptance of their boundaries will be forthcoming.

When we are not able to stand up for ourselves and allow others to create our life and our experience of it, then our eventual anger and resentment that will deplete us of our energy will also lead us to doing time. Once you are able to love and accept your self then acceptance/and non-acceptance to all other things becomes second nature.

I am sharing from experience. 

There are many of us – myself included – who believe that the uncomfortable situations that we are blessed with are opportunities to learn about ourselves and determine how and what we can do to shift the energy around those situations so that they become stepping stones to the life you are looking for. 

I have trod a rocky path and let me  tell you, I would not exchange one of those stones for anything.  They are the reason that I am where I am today. They are the reason I am no longer doing time.

Are you still telling yourself that you love you, every day??

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