What a magical time of year!  I look out at the displays of lights on the street and they warm my heart 🙂

The lights are my favorite part of this season as we wrap up another year.

We all have traditions and celebrations that are unique to our tribes, families and our communities  – and through the years, in keeping with tradition,  we may always do things the same way, or perhaps we choose to change things up as we welcome new members to families and honor those who have passed.

For some the season is over loaded with joy and for others there may be mixed emotions and conflicted feelings of grief, loss and perhaps fear. It is an emotional time to say the least and it’s important to understand that everyone’s experience of this time is different.   There is an emphasis on kindness at this time of year, and one of the kindest gestures that we can offer to another is to accept them for who they are and extend an appreciation for the realm of feelings that we all experience at one time or another.

Being present is key, for yourself as well as for your loved ones.

I have recently completed some astrological studies and the influence of planetary energies on each of us according to the placements in our birth charts:

  • I have learned that it is the essence of the moon and its phases that are key to understanding our emotions, feelings and how we respond to life
  • The moon is our heart and our feelings
  • The moon is connected to emotional healing, our soul’s journey and our path to happiness
  • Being true to your heart and soul
  • To feed our moon is to take care of our soul and true happiness comes through awareness and being in touch with our inner self and how our feelings influence our experience of living

This means that moon can and does shape our sense of reality – the way we take care of ourselves gently is the realm of the moon.

All things soft, magical, full of wonder, intuitive experiences and enchantment – everything that is beyond a sense of logic.

The moon qualities exist in everyone and everyone has a path to happiness, even though at times it may seem hidden.


Today we celebrate the winter solstice and a return to the light!

  • Moving from dark to light is the very beginning of a return to life
  • The seasonal cycles of the winter solstice, summer solstice and the equinoxes are similar to the phases of the moon
  • The winter solstice is comparable to the new moon
  • The spring equinox is the first quarter
  • The summer solstice is the full moon
  • The autumn equinox is the last quarter


New moon is a time to consider new ideas and what plans are needed to bring our ideas to the light and to life and so it is with this solstice that I am embarking on something that I hope to share with you!

Wherever you find yourself these days, are you ready to develop awareness and connect to your heart and soul?  Are you ready to explore the dimensions of your inner self, and to take the steps to connect with your truth?  Are you ready to find the path to your true happiness?

We are all entitled to the gift of happiness and I would like to share some thoughts and ideas with you on how to receive that gift.  In doing so, we will look at moon phases, and the impact of each sign of the zodiac on the moon.

There is no better time for each of us to gain a better understanding of our moon connections because we are now moving into a time where we are all going to experience a shift due to the moon’s nodes moving from Gemini and Sagittarius to Taurus and Scorpio. Right now that technical jargon may mean nothing to you, however the essence of this movement means the time is coming when we need to face our personal and our collective wounds. Because of the placement of the lunar nodes, unresolved emotional wounds are going to resurface in this period which begins tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 22 and will end July 12, 2023.

Putting yourself in a position to understand how this will impact you and developing ways in which you can understand how to deal with the effects of it are what I hope to shed some light on for you.

Now at the winter solstice and at this new moon phase of the year I resolve to engage in this process of inner healing and I hope that you find it in your own heart to do the same for you.  

At this magical time of year let’s share love!  Remember to love yourself too!




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