I have been thinking that the best way to bring Fire to life, is to share some Fire stories.  Before I do that though, I am going to speak to the element of Fire in nature.

The Vernal Equinox – which is the first day of spring – is true Fire.  It is the beginning of a season of renewal, which is driven by the increase of our exposure to sun light.  On the Vernal Equinox we experience the same amount of day light as we do night light (as we do at the Autumn Equinox).  After that first day, we are blessed with a little more daylight each day until we reach the Summer Solstice.  

If you enjoy observing nature, then you are very aware of what is going on in this 3 months of Spring.  Nature returns to life – because we return to the light – and that is the essence of Fire.  

The first sign in the zodiac wheel of life is Aries and Aries is ruled by Mars.  Mars energy is all about the warrior – defense, survival, inspiration, assertiveness and aggressiveness. Can you see where these aspects might show up in your life?

Mars energy comes on strong when we are inspired through the energy of desire or if we are reacting to something, either with strong dismay or strong liking for someone or something.  The Mars vibration is what gets us up every morning to begin another day – and the Mars vibration is what drives us to action and change. 

Which leads me to my first Mars story 🙂

About 7 years ago I was faced with some disturbing and emotional changes; actually my life as I knew it changed completely.  Looking back on those years (and many days of Doing Time) I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that it is the best thing that happened to me.  Self discovery came to me through those changes and I connected to my true energy.  

Throughout those 7 years I changed residence 6 times and I am preparing now to move again.  With the first move I left a job and the area that I lived in for about 37 years and I returned to the area where I grew up.  I had no idea what I was going to do, but I just knew that I had to do it.  I left home when I was 17 and lets just say I did not travel light.  There was a lot more baggage than my suitcases!

Going back there was the best thing for me to do, even though I did not realize it at that time.  When I first returned home, I re-connected with old friends and I became involved in a Homecoming that happened in the community the year after I returned. It was inspiring to be part of that and returning to my roots. Obviously quite a bit had changed, and yet I still was able to reflect and bring closure to some of my emotional challenges. 

I lived in 2 different houses when I was there and then after about 2 years I felt inclined to move to a town where I knew NO ONE! (about 75 minute drive)  And I lived there in the dead of winter 😀  Only “heaven” knew the why and what of that choice, however as time went on I too got in on the secret.  This was a healing quest. Being alone that winter was one of the most difficult times of my life. It was Doing Time plus!  However in those 8 months I became aware that there was something guiding me and I became acutely aware of my energy.

Yes, 8 months and back on the road again – back home again!!  Once again, something invoked me to pack everything back up and head back – there was more healing to do apparently. In the time that I was living back in my home town, I experienced a wild mix of emotions. Some days it was so cool to be back and then other days, it was the epitome of loneliness.  However, that was everything I needed to learn about letting go. 

When I started connecting with Surrender, then the Fire really blazed. So, after another 11 months I headed back to the city where I left in the first place. It was a phenomenal experience – and you just got the Coles Notes version here (there may be more shared along the way).

This experience was completely transforming! 7 years after the first move and I am not the person I was then. I feel very privileged to have had this happen to me, and yet when it started, I was having anxiety attacks. I just read something last week that was about change of perspective in our lives, and it stated that a change of residence is a shift to a new level of life and living.

Yes, in a couple of weeks I will be shifting gears again – Mars Fire is propelling me along. When I was born, Mars was in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is all about withdrawing, sensitivities, nurturing and healing.  At the time of my birth, Mars and Cancer were in the 9th House – the house of change, breaking away from routine – and the house of journey 🙂


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