I had the privilege of sharing some time with the full moon this morning when I was out for my walk.  As usual, she was lovely to see. I am always attracted to her beautiful light and there’s this connection I feel toward her, Grandmother moon 🙂

Grandmother moon holds the part of us that we may find difficult to know – or parts that we are completely unaware of.  The parts that are not apparent to others when they meet us. Grandmother moon rules the energy of our emotions and our subconscious. What we are not aware of when we see Grandmother moon is that she has no light of her own – she does not project any type of energy or light.  The light that we see in Grandmother moon is the reflection of Mother Sun’s rays on her.

The effects that we feel toward and from Grandmother moon are due to gravity.  Her gravitational forces have a strong magnetic pull and they are most evident with the tides of the ocean. Her lunar cycle influences the tilt of Earth Mother which impacts our experience of the seasons, reproduction and the circadian rhythm. Where the ocean waters face the moon, and during the full moon is where the gravitational pull is the strongest. Does this affect us?  The majority of scientists will say No, however for anyone who feels a connection with Divine energy they will likely tell you a different story.

The first Chakra is all about the right to be here and the right to have – which many of us have difficulty with. So let’s just say that Grandmother moon decided that since she is alone out in the darkness and she does not shine brightly on her own, that she has no value. Grandmother moon feels like she is Doing Time and she decides not to “show up” anymore – to disappear to some outer realm.  Where would that leave us?  Yes, we are dependent on Mother sun to kindle the light of Grandmother moon, but does that make her any less valuable?  Absolutely not!  As I mentioned, she has an important part to play in the dynamics and movements of Earth Mother’s waters, as well as the tilt of Earth Mother (which affects our experience of the seasons and weather). Not to mention that the majority of us are attracted to her beauty and her changing face.

What I am getting at here is that whether you feel like you are not valuable – that you question your reason for being – be assured that you DO need to be present in the exact space that you hold today. The universe is very magical and we are all interconnected. It may not be apparent to you what part you are playing – and many of us may never figure that out – but your presence is the magic and part of the cosmic glue that holds us all together.  Once again we come back to how loving ourselves can move us – pull us – out of the dark depths and help us to shine our own light out into the world.

Many people are feeling alone and perhaps lost to a degree, due to the restrictions of the current pandemic situation. Strong Chakra 1 energies are evident when we know that we hold a special place among the stars and being comfortable with ourselves will evolve through connecting to the energy we personally experience within our first Chakra. The energy of our roots, our physical strength, our presence – our foundation.

I encourage you to connect with Grandmother moon in some way today as she shines out in the night sky in all of her fullness!  Mother Teresa said “Do small things with Great LOVE” and just reflecting on the beauty of Grandmother moon as she reflects back on you will fill your heart 🙂   That’s a big hug connecting you to the cosmos!

2 thoughts on “The Light of Grandmother Moon

  1. Bev Thiel says:

    Excellent writing and uplifting messages. This pandemic makes us feel alone and vulnerable; but also appreciative of the precious time we will be eventually spending with family &friends.

    • Thank-you Bev 🙂 Yes, these are difficult times and somedays it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to care about our place in life. Now is a good time to reflect on our connections and their importance – as well as connecting to ourselves and really taking the time to nurture ourselves. Love yourself every day – and send that loving vibration out in every way!!

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