With Spring upon us, we can now embrace the spark of life and the gifts of the element of fire.

Since the winter solstice we have been cycling through the cold and harsh (earth) weeks of winter,  the increase of light and expansion (air) after Imbolc and the letting go of everything that no longer serves us to allow movement (water)  – so that the spring spark of fire connects with that place of potential. 

The earth element resting in the dark of winter provides the core or the center of intention, creating resonance between the nature of the winter solstice and the nature of the new moon phase.  It is the perfect opportunity to embrace something new and for ideas to permeate our consciousness.  At this time consciousness is deep and nestled in the darkness.  Possibilities are endless.

The air element harmonizes with the return of the light. Personally we take stock of our thoughts – which create our beliefs – and shed light on how they influence our ability to bring light and life to our intentions.  Our ideas begin to take root and the stronger we believe the stronger and further those roots will grow.

The water element creates flow and brings feeling to the intentions and ideas.   Positive encouragement or adverse discouragement will determine what energy we invest in our desires and in ourselves.  This is the opportunity to grasp an awareness of our ability to create or our tendency to sabotage the realization of our dreams.  It is the time to step up and affirm to ourselves that the door is opening and we are capable. It is time to let go of anything that does not serve the fulfillment of ourselves.  True self-love will guide us now and reward us with the spark.

With Spring, we are also experiencing the light and energy of the first quarter moon phase.  We have a chance now to use the light and heat of the fire element to bring form to that infinite field of potential and creation.  If our heart is open and our mind is clear, the spark will ignite the inner realm.  New life will begin again!

Are you ready for the great reveal?  The new beginnings!  I have put a lot of time into my own ambitions over the past few months and I am feeling excitement about the plans I am working on now and over the spring and summer months.  I have established the roots and a solid foundation of the program that I am working on, and with each new moon phase, I become even more engaged with the dream I have and the goals that I am focused on. With each hour I commit to this I have the opportunity to learn more and that contributes to the energy that I am building – for myself and others – on this mission.

As we move toward the next new moon phase, which is on Friday, I encourage you to be mindful of your own experiences and how they are inspiring and motivating you to bring your own dreams to life.  Are you getting what you want? or what you want to be?  It’s a good time to take stock of what you have accomplished and celebrate that – we all need to acknowledge our success stories, our own and those of others.  It creates feel good energy which in turn raises our individual vibrations – and that of the collective.

Be still, clear your heart and your mind.  Sit with the amazing gift of your breath – the breath of life – and be grateful for everything that is.  Be ready for the possibilities of the fresh new breath of Spring!  

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