For many peeps it is hard to be excited about the prospects of a new year, with the continuation of living with the implications of COVID and the variants. 

I will admit that I have been fortunate in that I have not had my health or finances jeopardized, however I have not seen some of my family members for 2 years.  That is sad but I am grateful that everyone in my family has remained healthy (with a few testing positive).  I did make a choice to maintain a healthy and positive perspective, which is what I try to do with most things that are not within my control.  Actually with most things that are as well 🙂  Perspective really does make a lot of difference!

So, I am feeling very positive with my outlook on 2022 and the ideas I have around manifesting some of my aspirations and wishes. I am excited to share these ideas with you, should you wish to participate with me.  If there is something in the new year that you wish to change or begin or end, then I would love for you to join me in this endeavor.   Many of you likely have some ideas and plans around new year’s resolutions and if you do, then please read on!  This may be the process that will help you to achieve those resolutions!

If you read my last post, or if you watched my video on Facebook, then you will be aware that my plan for 2022 is to work with the moon phases to realize my goals.  I have accomplished a lot this year in the way of achieving a new understanding of how the Sun, Moon and planets affect our energy and our every day world.  I achieved this as a result of my interest and enthusiasm that pretty much increased and intensified as I continued to learn more as the year went on.

What I really engaged with was learning about how we are affected by the Moon and its phases.   The essence of the Moon is connected to our heart and soul.  It is our feelings, emotions and all about our happiness.  When we are in sync with “our” Moon then we are connecting to our soul path and the things in life that will bring a true sense of happiness AND a true sense of compassion and love.   Love for YOU!!  With everything I have learned I am convinced that this is how we get to loving ourselves AND that leads us to being our authentic self AND that leads to a genuine and fulfilling sense of happiness.

It’s no secret that the Moon has been perceived to have an affect on our mental health, and I believe this to be true.  We are going to approach this connection to the Moon with our eye and our hearts on how its effects can lift us mentally and emotionally.  By working with our energy and the influences of universal energies, we are on our way to creating the circumstances that attract the energy of our desires.  For the good of all or not at all 🙂

The main focus of this blog and my posts has always been around connecting with our emotions and our feelings to enable us to realize our individual and unique path to feeling joy.  I believe that you will find that connection as you learn more about your connection to the Moon.

Each month we will explore the connection between the Moon and the sign of the zodiac it resides in at the time of the new moon and the full moon.  With each month, there will be ideas for you to consider as you learn the aspects and attitudes of those signs and how they relate to the elements.  From there, we will see how those elements play out in your life.  

So, are you ready to hear more?  If you are skeptical, that is your prerogative.  But I would like to take the liberty of asking you to be open minded and stick this out for a few months.   It is not unusual to become dis-illusioned with our hopes for change when we start the new year with a list of resolutions, and find that habits and life in general pull us back to what we are familiar with.   It is not unusual to give up on those resolutions by or before the end of January.   It’s not easy to create change, particularly in challenging times. 

If you approach this as a program that guides you to a better understanding of your personal energy and what your energy is naturally aligned with,  and maintain that as your focus, then I am pretty certain that your new understanding of you will create the change you are looking for. 

A word of caution;  go easy on yourself and start with one or 2 things to focus on as we start.  If you find you want to make changes or add to your list of wishes, then consider that only after you have experienced the first 2 or 3 months.  

I suggest that you always keep an open mind and stay committed as we experience each Moon phase.  This is not something that you can “catch up” on if life gets crazy, cause the Moon is not stopping and waiting for anyone.  That is why it is best to keep it simple!   

We will get into the first phase with the new moon coming up this weekend on January 2/22.

Make this new year the one that starts something really new for you!





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