So how is it that when you’re feeling yucky and you’re doing time that acceptance is so damn hard?  Loving yourself is next to impossible, your thoughts seem to be digging you in deeper and what is the meaning of a higher vibration??

Did anyone ever share with you that “impossible” can mean “I’m possible”??

Yes, I have been talking the big talk about loving and accepting yourself and I am serious.  Loving yourself is how we come to a compassionate approach to life.  If you don’t care about you, then how can you honestly care about anyone else? So the question remains, how to do that when life is letting you down and you feel like you are sinking?

It’s all about awareness.  Begin with being aware of your feelings on an ongoing basis.  When someone pushes a button and you want to push back, take a breath and feel that. Become aware of the energy shift in your body.  When you experience loss and are sad, feel that grief.  Feel the energy of grief sinking deep into your bones.  When you are frustrated with the peeps and pips of life that are stressing you out, feel that tension in your shoulders and neck.  Take a deep inhale – exhale slowly and feel that tension roll out.   Feel that energy shift.

When a friend shares a joke that has you holding your legs together real tight, or your partner is relaying a story of some unbelievable, yet hysterical madness, how are you feeling then?  Laughter is amazing energy!  That is a shift (and a shimmy) to high vibration 🙂

Becoming aware of the different energy shifts that occur throughout your body in the ongoing hours, days, weeks etc is how we become more familiar with our unique energy frequencies.

When you are Doing Time, ask yourself what it was that got you there and feel the energy around that situation. Ask yourself what is the best way to be, think and feel in that situation, for your own physical, emotional and mental health?  Ask yourself if you can create that best way to be just by shifting your mindset and thinking about how and what you can learn from this experience?

Just by asking those questions, you are taking a step toward caring for and loving you. You are creating an awareness around re-acting – acting a new way to an old or familiar occurrence – or a new occurrence that is not what you signed up for. That awareness of your unique energy and what you are streaming in those moments helps you to connect and understand you. 

This awareness is not about change. You are considering the outcome of options. Asking yourself is just that – asking and allowing yourself to consider something different.  You don’t have to do anything different – it is up to you.  But always ask yourself,  “what if I did”?

Being down and out is low energetic vibration and it is so sticky that it is like a magnet for more low energetic vibration.  Every time we consider an outcome of any situation that helps us to feel a little lighter, then we are moving our energy to a higher vibration. Every time we take the time to be aware then we are tuning into the energy of those vibrations.  

The new moon phase of December occurred on December 14 – 3 days ago. With the new moon I always like to be present to what is happening in my life and bring awareness to what energy I am feeling and being. With that awareness I can focus on the great things that I have, like fresh air to breathe and fresh water to drink. These are gifts and when I become aware of the gifts in my life then I can use that awareness as a tool to enhance my own energetic vibrations. With each word, thought or experience that wants to slide into yucky, we can take a moment to be aware of those circumstances – and perhaps spin out and up toward something lighter.

When I find myself through the feelings of my energy and the resonating vibrations of that energy, then I am moving toward a knowing that helps me to see possibilities.  Getting to know me is how I begin to accept and love me.  Just the way I am.






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