It may seem like we have drifted off on quite a different direction from the Earth element that I introduced a few posts ago, but far from it! Being connected to the earth means being grounded which involves being present.  I think I have covered those 🙂

As I have also mentioned, the Earth element that we are immersing ourselves in, is what Chakra 1 is all about. The right to be here and the right to have are also what Chakra 1 is all about.  Have you ever felt like you did not want to be here? Have you ever felt undeserving of the things that you have or that you would like to have?

Well since I am the one that has been Doing Time, then you can likely guess that I too am the one who at one time did not feel like being here and quite a few (hundreds) of times felt undeserving of what I wanted to have. So, what kind of message (read energetic vibrations) is that sending out to the world??  A very shitty one!!

Moving past these ideas was not easy for me and I had to dig in deep and get present to the situation before I could move on.  In doing so and in reflecting on situations that had evolved through time in my life, I began to see that I had not learned to value myself and the space that I am taking to be me. Without a lot of encouragement and some lack of direction in the years of my adolescence and early adulthood, I really had no aspirations.  I sort of just decided life from one day to the next and flew from the seat of my pants.  Nothing really too structured and nothing that was creating something solid to build on (or at least a perch to view from). Not to mention some of the chaos that resulted from my self absorbed actions and (very) unintentional pain that I caused for some people.

Stability, security and reliability are learned through guidance and nurturing AND they lead to self confidence and building self esteem.  These are the elements that contribute to your feelings of the right to be here and the right to have.  However – how do we raise our energy up to meet the level of energy that delivers to us what we need?  Particularly when we are at a low point in life – and we all experience that at one time or another.

Something that helps is to realize exactly that – you are not alone in your feelings. Sometimes we feel ashamed to admit that we aren’t functioning on full steam and we experience anguish just by keeping it all locked up inside. Always know that there is someone who knows what you are going through, and if you are not able to find that person or do not have the courage to confide in someone, then start writing your feelings out in a journal.  These feelings must be processed in a healthy way in order to move past them – and just writing them out is a good start.

As I have mentioned earlier, if we are experiencing challenges in our lives and we don’t take the time to consider them and their source, then we can very well end up making poor choices as we move from one situation to the next, attempting to exist in survival mode.  Sitting with ourselves and our thoughts is extremely uncomfortable for many – when was the last time you went through a day on your own in complete quiet?  No radio – no TV – no people – no phone – NO NOTHING!  Just you and you 🙂

However that is a good first step to overcoming our fears, anxieties and the overwhelming emotions of feeling vulnerable and not being able to cope.  We cannot run away from pain or it will eventually come back to haunt us in one way or another.  We have to step into it and get to know it – like a new acquaintance (who you will eventually call your friend)!  Believe me!  once again, miss been there, done that can confirm that if you ignore the shyza that is happening and you do not deal with it, it will deal with you on its terms.

So, in order to get to that place where we can begin to engage with ourselves and have confidence in ourselves – the confidence that we need to be able to deal with any shit show that comes your way (most of them anyway) – then start with 5 minutes of your own reality TV show.  If you can’t do 5, then do 2 – but do some!  Sit with yourself and feel whatever it is that is making you uncomfortable – feel it and go down as deep as you can go.  As you are doing this, bring to mind that what you are feeling is energy.  It is just energy and it is more than likely energy that needs to be shifted.

Once you know that you can do that once – then you know that you can do it again and again and again.  A little longer every time, until you begin to see your pain as the energy that is showing up in your life to tell you something.  It’s been hanging around and waiting for you to be with it all this time so that you can connect with it and then send it on its way. It’s one of those friends that crosses your path for a short time (and maybe not a really good time) but it’ll be one of the best friends you ever had.

I made a few friends like that along the way.  Even though I wanted nothing to do with them, they persisted until I had no choice but to notice them and pay attention to their chaotic presence in my life.  The louder and more chaotic they got the more I realized they were showing up for my benefit – and I am so glad that they did 🙂

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