Have you seen the new onions that are being grown now that are “No Tears” onions?  They are called Sunions!!

It seems like there is a solution for everything, doesn’t it??  Never-the-less, many solutions are a compromise – where something gets compromised all in an effort to avoid some discomfort. That is something that humans have been excelling at for a very long time and of course it is considered a survival skill.  However gone are the days where we share a place on the food chain of the wild and the woolly.  We still have survival instincts, however we have a tendency to create the dramas that allow us to use them.

So it is now apparent that crying when we cut an onion can no longer be tolerated by some, or many.  Not sure what the market is for them, however I have to say that seeing that they actually exist was not a big  surprise to me! Now I am not saying this to make a statement or a judgement about the product. If a product sells, then there must be a need for it, and kudos to the person who is making a living doing so.

For me the interest lies in the fact that we often miss out on some of life’s pleasantries when we decide that we want to sacrifice something for the sake of being comfortable. In the case of the Sunion, the producer admitted that the flavour is not the same as the good old fashioned, sinus cleansing, get out your Kleenexes, clear your nostrils cooking onion.  Personally I’ll put up with the tears when the choice leaves me to compromise flavour in my food, because I LOVE eating!!!  It’s important to me, but perhaps not so important to you.

That we are all different is always significant and often needs to be accepted with more grace than what we can muster.  That we all have our own ideas and perceptions on what is and what is not comfortable is also of significance. I can bet that each of us has had something happen in our lives that created such a level of discomfort that it continues to affect us in different ways.  Take a moment to consider the last time you were not comfortable with something and then try to determine why.  In many  cases the source lies deep with-in our sub-conscious and without our knowing, goes on to influence our feelings and how we react to situations.

If you have been following my posts and videos throughout January, you may be familiar with the fact that Saturn is the planet of discipline, limitations and challenge.  So I have a feeling that Saturn was not on the committee that came up with the idea of Sunions!  Saturn is all about karma and the fact that we get what we give.  Sometimes what we give is a sacrifice and that might be the sacrifice of something that has become comfortable.

Does this resonate with you?  It certainly does with me – in my past. Now I am hoping that the lessons I have learned and the rewards that I reaped (karma) will always stay close to my heart.  When I am making choices in my life, I have learned that sometimes the difficult ones will be well worth the experience. 

I know that I have been chewing on this quite a bit lately, and there is a great reason for that   When we are able to acquire the courage and the strength to face discomfort in our life in order to create something for ourselves that enhances life for us, then we are showing ourselves respect and love.  We are loving ourselves!  And in that love, everything we desire can become a possibility.

At this time of year so many people give up on the intentions and the resolutions that they set at the beginning of the year.  They give up on themselves because it is difficult to create new habits and there is usually not a lot of fun in discomfort.  If you are feeling that way, then I urge you to take a pause but DO NOT give up.

We are now in the new moon phase of Aquarius and we are now on the brink of discovering how we can shift our energy to align with that beautiful person inside each of us.  That beautiful you is full of courage, strength and love AND wants you to succeed.  That beautiful you is the only person who can make your wishes come true.

So stick with me – better yet, stick with you and lets not sacrifice anything just to be comfortable.  Lets keep on going, marching like warriors and lets face all of the limitations and the challenges with everything we’ve got so that in a year from now, you have found that you already are everything that you want to be.  You just need to discover the self-respect and the self-love that will reveal that you to YOU!!

Let’s cut some old fashioned cooking onions together!!  xxoo

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