Something that we might have in common is a heartfelt wish for change and yet no idea how to bring it about.  I know that when I faced situations that were not serving my best interests and I knew that something had to give, I was left with the question “but how”?

I always had a list of challenges that I believed at that time were impossible to overcome.  Challenges that would prevent me from attaining the change that I wanted.  However few wishes come true on their own,  so I needed to determine the things that I could do and focus on those.  That is where I needed to put my energy instead of continually thinking about those challenges that I was allowing to be significant.

Energy is key. Our personal energy field is a web of vibration and it is helpful if you can become familiar with this idea and how those vibrations can act like gravity and attract other vibrations.  If and when you keep focused on your challenges, then that energy that you use for these thoughts create the vibrations that will attract the dynamics of those challenges like lint.  In other words, you will get what you are “asking” for.   Remember the biblical term “seek and ye shall find”?  Well it’s kind of like that.

So, to move out of that mode and switch things up to focus on what you can do, then acceptance is a good approach.  Yes, that is confusing and doesn’t seem to make much sense, but acceptance is an energy shift.  Accepting that you are right where you need to be at this moment, and have right what you need to have is a good beginning.  and Gratitude! 🙂  Happy and grateful to be where you are and to have what you have.  Happy to be you loving you!

It’s all in the dynamics of the energy that you are creating with the acceptance and the gratitude.  If you find this difficult to accept (when we are talking about accepting) then I invite you to try an experiment. 

With the next thing or idea that comes along that throws you into a state of panic, or frenzy or some emotion that is similar, try to stop yourself before those feelings jump into your mind and your heart.  Stop them!  take a deep breath or 2 or 3 and then ask yourself what would be the outcome if you could stay calm and allow that thing or idea to just be.  Let it take it’s course.  Allow this to just roll along with as little interference on your part as possible.  Doing nothing if possible and just see what happens.

Many times in our lives things and ideas and people come across our path and they may be just that. Many times our interference is like a signal that sets up high drama or creates a situation that may not even have had to happen.  Yes, sometimes our interference is beneficial and helpful.  However there are just as many times that sitting and doing nothing can be just as beneficial.

Every time we react on the defense we are shifting our energy to a lower vibration and this can continue to spiral down and down until we are doing time. 

Try the experiment and see what happens.  See how you are feeling and sit with the “energy of the situation”.  The acceptance and gratitude for all things is how we begin to create the possibilities of better things. It’s how we create the energy to focus on what we can change and helps us to see the steps we can take and the things that we can do to move beyond the current playing field. It’s all in the energy of you.

Change the rules of your life – those rules that you have created and have been living by – the ones that keep you in the dark.  The darkness of doing time.


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