and now I would like to take this opportunity to throw some light on the other “receiving and transmitting” known as receiving and giving. While receiving and transmitting is more aligned with your subconscious and your energetic vibrations, the receiving and giving is totally conscious and is an ongoing aspect of daily life.

The question is: Do you handle one of these better than the other or do you have expertise in both? There is no possible way that you can not be partially adept at one of them, because receiving and giving are the principle of every exchange in life. 

If I had to put money down on this, I would bet that over half of the population is really great at giving but not so much at receiving.  You know what I’m talking about!  This is all part of that chat about valuing yourself.

How many times have you gone out of your way for someone, however when you need some help you heroically proclaim ” oh yes, it’s all good here.  I have that all under control – so nope, don’t need your help with that”  OR “wow,  no I could not possibly accept that, it’s just way tooooooo generous of you”   – how about “I need to do this on my own, it proves my independence and I don’t want anyone thinking that I am vulnerable or needy”    Do any of these feel familiar?  I say feel because they are soundless as they swirl around inside of your head – AND Mine!!   yes, been there and done that too!

The point that I am trying to make here, is that while most of us do love giving and it is healthy to do so, we also need to learn to love receiving.  Receiving is part of valuing and appreciating yourself. It is totally you loving you – receiving something because you are worthy and you deserve it!  Every being on this earth is deserving, regardless of their current lot in life. 

Not to mention, we are being greedy if we are doing all of the giving. I know that doesn’t sound right but it is true,  Giving is a beautiful aspect of living and everyone should have the joy of experiencing it – even with the exceptional gifts, like a smile or a hug. SO, don’t be the monster martyr and take that away from others by NOT being on the RECEIVING end of those beautiful gifts! 😀 

Unfortunately many of us have been raised to believe that we should not “take” things from others.  This is a fallacy that was conspired out of the views of lack – that there is not enough of things to go around. In some families, due to conditioning and culture, this form of belief goes waaaaay back.  My father once returned a gift from his granddaughter because as he said, “she should not be spending her money on those gifts”  all in the vein of sending out “reverse appreciation” !  got that?  I appreciate it more if you don’t give me anything lol  and LOL in capitals!!  

Could this be someone’s subconscious speaking from cultural conditioning that has told them “we are not worthy” and so “we cannot accept……”     And on it goes down the line. Do you think I was impacted by my father’s perspective on receiving?  You bet I was and there are fragments of it still hanging around today.

Each and every one of us is worthy of receiving and that means YOU!  The long historical dramas of survival and competition have filtered down in our biology and led many of our ancestors to believe that the hardship of life is our legacy. That things can’t change, don’t change, won’t change and so buck up and accept it; we suffer now to earn our wings.  

I am not here to question beliefs and faith, however I do believe that a commitment to the energy of not having and not deserving will attract more of the same.  I believe that in understanding the underlying energy of the family tree and how / what that energy has provided (or diminished) we can also achieve a better understanding of our own individual energy and our ability to receive.

So, as we open up to the internal unconditional love that we are connecting to – aka loving you – remember to bolster your sense of value and worthiness in the process.  Because the energy of receiving is just as important as the the energy of giving.  It projects to the world the vibrations that you are operating on – and tells the world how they may treat you.

For anyone who is always giving to those who are always taking, this is on you.  You have set the bar at what you expect for yourself – and that is what they have learned to give to you.  

We often believe that when we treat people well while we may be sacrificing in doing so, that we will then be treated the same in return.  However this can often lead to disappointment when that expectation is not met.  We want to think that giving and giving of ourselves – where we are also giving up parts of ourselves – is going to foster appreciation in those who are receiving from us.  

I believe that in reality, it is respect for ourselves and implementing boundaries around the giving up parts of ourselves that in turn is what garners the respect that we are deserving of receiving.

Loving yourself and respect for yourself are the ultimate receiving experience!

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