The essence of the first Chakra is connecting to all those things that correlate with the stability of Earth Mother. Well, not just connecting but actually trying them out, trying them on and finding your place – the perfect spot for you to be your perfect natural authentic you.  Once you get there then you will fulfill your other right – the right to have – because you find it in that place.

Now what you may come to realize, as I did, is that this perfect place is not an actual physical place.  Yes, there are certain physical areas that appeal to me, such as the quiet natural environments where nature is right outside my door, however the place that resonates with me the most is internal. Let me tell you, it was a long ride to get here, but it was worth all of the minutes, hours, days and years that it took.

What is special about this place? I am comfortable and I am me 🙂 and the energy – my energy – is at a vibration that is flowing like a soft current. It’s an energy that is nurturing and that is strong enough to support me and lead me through the shyza shows that can and will show up in the days of my life that are yet to come.

Through many days of ups and downs in the pursuit of getting grounded, getting stable, being present, being responsible and learning to appreciate physical limitations, I connected to my rainbow. That is what I call this place. My rainbow is the energy of the seven chakras – and it the unique and personal energy of me. (And yes, we are going to explore the whole rainbow in weeks and months to come!)

Facing fear was one of the hardest gigs on my travels, but I did it and the fears that I had no longer have a hold on me. Doing Time and getting to know that fear had me launched out in space some days – walking around with my mind spinning and not being present in my physical body at all.  Fears can do that to you – send you into orbit – and you never had to sign up with NASA!!  Eventually something brings us back to earth – gravity will for sure.

We as humans are finely tuned instruments that are capable of receiving and transmitting vast amounts of energy, however the quality of our equipment is going to determine the types of energy that we are attracting and projecting.  Our equipment needs to be stable, secure, grounded and well maintained in order for us to resonate with the vibrational frequencies that magnetize and manifest our right to be and right to have. I’m talking happy, healthy and hearty Chakra 1 🙂

Along with my toilet cleaning experiences, grounding and restorative yoga poses, walking (a lot) and finding a spot to plug myself in for awhile (a spot that provides an income, four walls (+) and a roof, food, warmth and light) were the perfect passport that I needed.  Is it a coincidence that my passport came through right in the midst of those months when I was learning to love myself and to understand how to connect with the energy of my first Chakra? I think not! It was my receiver picking up some amazing vibrations thanks to the improved quality of my “energy equipment” and the stronger signals that I was sending out.

Our vibrations like to hang out with the vibrations that they resonate with and the signals that we are sending will attract a certain quality of vibration and energy into our life.  Abrasive energy in our environment is what causes our Chakras to close down and become blocked, to protect our subtle energy body from this invasion of caustic energy. This makes it difficult for your subtle energy body to continue to maintain a healthy and stable flow of energy.  The soft current of energy that has the strength to always support you.

Loving ourselves unconditionally will help to heal our Chakras and open the channels to a flow of energy like no other!  I hope that you are connecting with the unconditional love that is your gift to you.



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