In order to be able to connect and be in tune with all of our feelings, we need to be present.  Grounded and present. Understanding and working with your energies of your first Chakra are going to be helpful in understanding and working with your second Chakra energies 🙂

Where do we feel our feelings?  I don’t know about you, but I feel mine in my body (Chakra 1).  Fear in my stomach and my heart as it races. Stress, tension and anger in my shoulders – and sadness is definitely in my heart.  I love my body for communicating all of this to me!

Feelings are really just energy that can and will move through us if we allow that to happen, and they are a tool that we can use to understand more about ourselves – becoming aware of what situations cause fear or anxiety and addressing them.


Our world today elevates logic and reason far above emotion and feelings.  We make decisions based on the evidence before us regardless of what our hearts or guts may be trying to tell us. Looking at the current climate that is dependent on pharmaceuticals to alleviate anxiety and depression – or the alarming state of the earth – it appears that appealing to reason is not helping anyone.

Emotions have a tendency to shift with the wind and are therefore considered undependable. Some people have different feelings in response to the same event. To complicate this further, most of us have preferences over feelings and consider the happy,  joyful,  grateful and loving feelings to be good.

We constantly striving toward this good, materialistically and emotionally – trying to avoid the reality of the other emotions we feel that hurt.  

It is in this hurt where the secrets of our subconscious are revealed.  At one point of Doing Time,  I struggled with a few emotions that kept popping up like a jack-in-the-box.  Some days were harder than others, and like most I really just wanted to this energy to move out.  I took some time to learn more about the vibrational frequencies of the Chakras and did some Chakra healing.  That was helpful, however I really needed to do some searching within, because there were unresolved circumstances from my past. I needed to explore the underlying energy of these situations, understand their influence on my behaviour and how I was expressing myself, and then release that energy. 

If you don’t face this energy and develop an understanding of what your connection is to it, then the patterns of it will continue to appear in your life.  This energy is here to guide us and make us aware of what we may need to change in order to live the life that we are meant to live.  One of peace and joy.  There may be signs that we need to recognize and heed – not sweep under the rug for another day.  Those signs are providing direction and asking you to consider what could be different.  We may find ourselves Doing Time many times for the same reasons, if we are not open to the guidance that these signs provide.

When we are able to listen to the messages of our emotions it gives us a sense of personal growth including the release of old pain.  I found that in being completely present and knowing that in that one specific moment, that everything was just fine, I was able accept and be present with those feelings.  If we can do this in each moment over time, we begin to realize that we can be one with the emotions that we consider uncomfortable.  It takes time, however we can start to see and  believe in the benefit of that low vibration energy.  It serves a purpose in guiding us toward higher vibrations and the abilities to handle the ups and downs that are a normal part of life. 

Emotions  shift constantly and knowing this can help us to not get too attached to certain feelings that we have.  There are times now when things get sticky and in the past that energy would have escorted me right into Doing Time.  However with everything that I have learned about myself, and why I have experienced certain emotions, I now view the dis-comfort as a new learning experience.  

That doesn’t mean that I am always enjoying those moments, however it does mean that I am stronger than I was.  I take the time to center myself through yoga, meditation and/or walking and work with the energy to shift it out and through.  Those are the things that work for me, however you may find other ways of handling this energy and your own personal experience of Doing Time.

Its important to be present to and honor our feelings and listen to their messages but when we feel them shift, its important to allow that flow to happen as well. Not to hang onto them – like hanging on to anger because one feels entitled to do so – or they are told that they “should” feel angry.


Befriending our emotions is integral to knowing ourselves, validating ourselves, loving ourselves and coming to a place of health and wholeness.  Owning our emotions brings freedom and allows us to interact with others in an open way rather than on the defensive – and authentically rather than role playing.

Being naturally grounded and present is really a gift to ourselves that allows us to enjoy life in all circumstances  – every moment, hour and day of our lives.  

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