Usually I go somewhere when I have vacation time, however like many others at this time, the staycation presented itself as an option that was worthy of consideration.  It was also worthy of a 5 star rating 🙂

As much as I enjoy going away, staying around home proved to be the most relaxing days I had experienced in awhile.  

I took one day at a time with nothing planned, except one dinner date.  Each day I woke up to some pretty amazing weather, so my down time included a few days sitting on a quiet beach with a book and a couple of cycling days on some beautiful trails.  I did not get to the beach all summer so going there in October was pretty awesome!  The temperature was perfect and the sun did not bake me.  

I also took some time to catch up on a couple of webinars that I wanted to listen to and that proved to be well worth the time invested. I learned some great things about the Sun!

Since I began immersing myself in the energies of the stars and planets, I have dis-covered that there are strong metaphors that can be applied to our ideas and perspectives. For example, we all know that the Sun in the sky warms us, enlightens us and brightens our day whenever it is shining.  

Most of us have also heard that, in terms of astrology, we have a Sun sign.  That sign is where the Sun was hanging out in the sky when we were born and the nature of the sign will influence our “style”.  The traits of the sign shine through us.  

How we shine in the world is also based on our frame of mind; our thoughts, our ideas and our beliefs. Each thought we think and every word and idea that we express goes out into the world as a vibration.  The frequencies of those vibrations attract similar frequencies which come back to us.  The underlying energy of the frequencies of our state of mind, at any given time, will play a huge role in filtering the vibrations that are coming back to us. 

Example:  Prior to my vacation I had been experiencing a lot of pre-occupation and stress, due to work and personal reasons. I was SOOOOO ready to do nothing!!  I had not cut myself off from doing things that relax me, and bring me joy, however the scales were becoming more and more tipped each day. I was feeling the tension in my body and it was becoming harder to release it.  

Holding that kind of tension in our bodies creates fatigue because it involves physical effort which also affects us mentally and emotionally.  It causes frustration and that leads to impatience. I was experiencing all of these things, which has an influence on the frequency of the energy we are putting out.  Kind of shitty energy 😀   and this means that we are likely going to receive some more kind of shitty energy in return….it becomes a circle.  

I could feel this all melting away as my state of relaxation increased with each new day of my staycation.  I could also feel an amazing shift in my mental and emotional state which in turn increased my energy.  It felt damn good!  The better I felt the more I became aware and developed an understanding of how my stress had been affecting my personal energy, inside and out. 

I am sure that you can remember a time when your own kind of shitty energy may have caused you to over-react to something and project that on to someone else. Or perhaps you had a time when you were burning both ends of the candle and stretching yourself too thin to accomplish or accommodate – leading to stress and a build up of tension within. The energy of that tension projecting out into the world as you interacted with others throughout the day.  So often in times like these we don’t even realize how we are being until someone decides to let us know, or a situation arises where we finally see the light.

That light carries its own special vibration and special frequency and it reveals itself when we are ready to see it and feel it.  Our awareness is what helps us to hone in on these signs. 

As I became more and more relaxed my mind became more open and more aware of the lower frequency energy that had been accumulating in and around me, due to the thoughts and beliefs that were influencing my perspective. I needed to re-connect with my Sun – my natural and authentic energy that warms me, enlightens me and allows me to shine brightly.

 I will share my thoughts on re-connecting with the Sun, next post 🙂



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