With the new moon in Libra (my sun sign) that happened on October 6, I was feeling that it was time for me to pause and reflect – just as the moon reflects the light of the sun.  However the new moon signifies a time to look inward and with my birthday  just around the corner, I was drawn to doing just that.

For me, that looking inward began with an appreciation and feelings of great-full-ness for all of the amazing things in my life.  This, resonating with Thanksgiving, that is also a part of October that is meaningful for me.  I took some time to consider all of the opportunities and all of the challenges that appeared in my life since my last birthday.  As usual, there were many of both.

Deep down I feel that the events of this past year have brought me to a much closer understanding of myself than ever before.  Doing Time has always been a learning experience for me, however there has been a significant shift in my energy as a result of my ongoing interest and studies in the impact of the nature of the elements and more recently, it’s relation to astrology.  In addition to this, I have spent 2 and a half months where my contact with others (other than employment) has been minimal and I had 12 vacation days recently where I followed no agenda – and only had one planned date with a friend.

In the past 10 plus years of my life I have been very engaged with our connection to nature and how we resonate with the elements.  I have become immersed in understanding the dynamics of our personal energy – electromagnetic fields – as well as how the essence of who we are is pure light. Through learning how our chakras (internal energy centers) resonate with the elements and how these chakras emit different frequencies of light – and then developing an awareness of how our thoughts and beliefs influence our energy, has occupied many interesting hours of those past 10 years. 

Through these years, one thing has always led me to another, and just as I became aware and informed on the aspects of one thing, then a book, a website or a self-study course would become available to me, seemingly out of nowhere.  This would offer the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and continually build on what I had learned at that point.  This happened many times, over and over.

About a year and a half ago I was drawn to how the elements that we are created from resonate with the energy and dynamics of the planets, the sun and moon and the zodiac.  

If you have been following this blog from the beginning, then you know that the source of inspiration for everything that I have had the privilege to learn has come about from my motivation to understand my feelings, my emotions and a keen desire to understand the principles of healing through an awareness of how our energy resonates with the cycles of nature. 

You will also have come to know that Doing Time is how I refer to a period of days, weeks or months where there is an experience of a definite lack of sunshine and that great energy that the Sun bestows upon us.  Doing Time feels like a long dreary path into darkness where energy is scarce and we seem to slump into slower and lower vibrational frequency as our energy becomes depleted.  It can be a vicious cycle where a lack of energy means lack of motivation and lack of motivation further depletes our energy.  

The discovery that there is a gift in Doing Time and that it is the experiences of dis-comfort that will teach us self-awareness is how that low energy cycle becomes resolved.  

These are concepts that I may be repeating, however they are worth the risk of being redundant. It is the nature of the dis-comfort and the specific experience that spins its own unique interconnecting web of light that leads us to the next lesson we are intended to learn.  

My 12 vacation days are a testament to that……………(next post).


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