Living in the moment helps us to moderate the thoughts and beliefs that we are experiencing that may be creating emotional challenges. If we can vow to live in the moment and be present then this vow requires that we invest our energy in what is happening before us at this time.

If you are worried about things that are happening beyond the now – tomorrow, next week or next month – then you are not being present. Life has a way of changing things up on the drop of a dime – so what is the sense in using your energy to worry about future concerns that may not even happen?

So, we are focusing on this moment, what we are doing now, and creating thoughts and beliefs around what we know to be facts for today.

I am not trying to make light of situations where things are currently very difficult – where you are or may be facing unemployment and your security is at risk – or similar heart wrenching situations. We all have had or are experiencing challenges that can be difficult to take your mind off of.  Each of us has to deal with these things in the best way that we know how.

I am just wishing to suggest that calming our minds and being present can create some space for you where your mind can tune out of any negativity that can be overwhelming.  Take a few moments early each day to make a plan around anything that you may be struggling with and what is one step (or a few) that you can take now toward resolution.  Even if that one step is just taking stock of your situation and reviewing the events that lead you to where you are now. Looking at the cause may assist in altering the effect.

However, if things have been completely out of your hands, (and even if they are not) then take those few moments to consider where it is that you want to be.  Create a wish list that includes any and every possible (and sometimes impossible) steps that will lead you to your desired outcome.  Why?  Because life has a way of changing on the drop of a dime and if you are aware of what it is that you want, then the opportunities will be clearer when they present themselves to you.

Once again, speaking from experience, I had a vague idea of what I wanted but did not spend much time on really focusing on specifics.  How was I going to move ahead when I myself wasn’t sure and wasn’t clear on what I wanted and needed to get to GO!?  “Actualizing” my wish-list has made all of the difference in the world.

Day to day, I use what time I have to invest my energy in actions and learning (could be just reading a book or practicing one thing that is new to me) that take me one small step closer to the dream that I am following. One small step adds up to many at the end of a few weeks and the confidence that you experience from doing just that more than makes up for your “actualizing”.

That, my friends, adds up to more of you loving YOU!

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