Ultimately, in understanding the energies that we are receiving, transmitting and processing through our chakras, we are creating a healthy balance in our personal energy field and in how we approach life. 

In our attempt to understand our right to be here and our right to have (I  believe this is a life long process so we are always attempting 🙂 ) we begin to learn that the value we have and hold for ourselves is the root to successfully embracing and resolving these rights within ourselves.

If we feel undeserving of the amazing gifts that life has to offer (either consciously or unconsciously) then our natural instincts and thoughts are always turned toward “pushing away” .

Think of a time when you were offered assistance by someone and you graciously (or maybe ungraciously) refused their help.  You may have ignored their offer or politely declined just because that was the more comfortable choice for you.  Even though that act in itself was going to cause you an immense amount of pain (physical or emotional) – but there was no way you could accept.  Something within you held you back – and at times sabotaged your ability to move away from being in a vulnerable position. 

Why?  Is it because the changes that may have resulted from accepting help – guidance – love – from someone would lead to another dimension of discomfort for us?

I remember feeling very uncomfortable with the ideas of moving away from the things in my life that were holding me back from actually experiencing life in a way that I deserved to.  Why was I uncomfortable to change this?  I believe it was due to the fears I had around stepping into the unknown and how my experience of the unknowns were related to being alone.  That whole alone thing really dominated my life and I experienced a lot of painful situations due to those fears.  So I continually sabotaged (unconsciously) any opportunity to move past this experience.    

Sometimes it is pride that is the reason for our thinking this way – we were raised a certain way or observed things in our formative years that made us believe that we had to cope with our situation – even though we really aren’t coping.  Somehow we are merely existing.  

When our unconscious minds feel undeserving (we are not worthy) then our conscious minds are given many obstacles to overcome. The obstacles show up in different ways however you may find that each of them creates a challenge that will need to be dealt with  – or as I have mentioned before, it will deal with you.  Each challenge is here to show you a part of your life where energy may need to be shifted and / or a different perspective is needed to shift your energy to a place where you begin to know and appreciate the potential of what change (that may be feared) can offer to you.


To achieve the beautiful balance of our chakras and in our energy fields we have to believe that we are deserving.  I can keep writing about valuing yourself for the rest of the year, however somewhere down the line we are going to have to believe it in order to create this balance – and actually living your right to be here and living your right to have!

This belief is paramount prior to understanding the energies and the right to feel that resonate with Chakra 2 – and that is where we are heading. It is in exploring the depths of my feelings that was a game changer for me – but I had to believe in myself and believe that I was worth the effort before I could take the next step! 

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