I’ve been talking for a long time about Chakra 2 and the energy that is transformed within us through this Chaka, as long as it has the space to do so.

I would like to bring things into perspective before we move on to Chakra 3 (where we put Chakra 1 solidity and Chakra 2 movement together for Expression). I believe that if you are at all interested in your mental, emotional or physical health then it is important to grasp a basic understanding of the importance of the Chakras and how they work. This is all energy medicine (foreign territory for many) which has been around for centuries – think Accupuncture as well as various other practices from the far east, yoga, meditation, tai chi etc.  These are all practices that are useful in developing and maintaining good health.

We know that the first Chakra is all about being grounded, stable, secure – it is everything physical and therefore solid and lacking any type of movement, on its own (without other energies interacting with it).  It is our body – home for our soul – and we would not experience life without it.  Our bodies allow us to experience everything around us through our senses and it is quite a miracle if you give it any serious consideration.  Anatomy in itself is amazing and if everyone knew a little more about that, we might be a little more respectful of our bodies and what they are capable of.

Energy medicine practices rejuvenate our bodies and enhance our experience of life. In considering the first Chakra all on its own, without any connection to the others, we are basically a physical mass that is completely still. Like a leaf that has fallen from a tree, without the movement of the wind or other external influences, the leaf lies dormant on the ground until it breaks down and slowly decays into the earth.

Charkra 2 is the generation of energies that create the movement in Chakra 1 and Chakra 2 is also our right to feel.

If you think about the last time that you had a reaction to something, then consider how that energy moved through you.  Something happened to initiate some type of feeling in your body along with various thoughts happening in your head.  These feelings created emotion – energy in motion.  So then what?  Did you remain still and do absolutely nothing?  Chances are likely not. Usually emotion stirs some type of force within us and we move in some way as a response.

If you have read some of my prior posts on Chakra 2 then you will likely recognize what I am saying.  We are now experiencing a surge of energy and it needs to be released through movement.  Remember also that one person’s revulsion or frustration is not necessarily the same for another and so how and why we react / move in reaction will be different for everyone.  The same principle holds true for reacting to joy and pleasure. We are all built differently and have different perspectives on things.

So, what is my point with this?  That we need to express our emotions to remain healthy. If we hold this energy in our bodies and try to suppress it then we will eventually experience some type of physical ailment in our bodies – thus the reason many peeps go for physiotherapy these days. Holding that energy is detrimental – so it is important to find a way that works for you to release it.

A very clear and natural example is when we experience feelings of grief.  I am pretty sure that everyone reading this has likely done so more than once in your life – and chances are you may have felt like you were Doing Time.  We lose someone we love and it is one of the hardest things that we have to endure while walking this earth.  Each of us reacts differently to this situation, depending on conditioning from family, what we have seen in others, what we have been told about expressing our feelings, what we believe about expressing our feelings ….and so on.  The truth is that grief is intense energy and if you do not deal with it so that it moves through and out of your body, you are inviting physical illness.  Your cells and tissues will hold the energy of that grief and it will take its toll on you – Chakra 1. 

Emotions and Charkra 2 are the element of water. Just imagine the damage that occurs when high levels of water or water under intense pressure break down barriers /dikes in situations of flooding. To avoid our own “breakdowns” we need to express Chakra 2 emotions through our Chakra 1 body.

Repressed feelings lead to chronic tension. It takes energy to repress emotions, so when we are able to release then we are also releasing tension – tensions that we may not even be aware that we are holding.  However if you find that you are interacting with someone and either they or you seem to be on edge, then it is likely that there is some energy and emotion that is being repressed by one of you or both of you.

Even happiness and joy energy needs to be experienced and moved however we don’t seem to have any problem holding back on happy dances – energy of expansion. It is contracting energy that is our heartache and is the source of health issues if we are not aware. 

We all experience expanding and contracting energy and for different reasons.  That is the essence of life.  It is a natural reaction for humans to try to move away from pain and the emotions related to it. However when we agree to experience that pain with the same attention that we do with the energy of joy, we are rewarded with feelings of relief and we will feel lighter and restored, once we get through the initial sense of discomfort.  Remember the last time that you had a good cry and how great you felt after?  I usually have a nap when that happens 🙂

Not to mention that our most painful experiences are the ones that usually teach us the most – and inevitably we are the wiser for them. Allow me to recommend a book that I have that is an amazing tool for learning about handling hard emotions and tough life situations. It is called The Beauty of Discomfort, by Amanda Lang.

It is through movement such as walking, running, dancing, gardening to name a few, that we can release the energy of emotion.  Deep breathing and pranayama breath practices that we experience through yoga can also be beneficial.

Healing of Chakra 2 also comes through acts of nurture, such as touch, warm water bathing, rest and relaxation in a welcoming environment. Our skin (Chakra 1) is not only the outer layer of our bodies, but also the outer layer of our nervous system. When we care for ourselves in a nurturing way we are breaking down boundaries and our internal nervous system is enhanced and stimulated through the act of touching and experiencing the loving energy of nurture. There is a direct correlation with nurturing and the production of hormones responsible for growth and by stimulating the area of the brain that is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, this aids in relaxation of our hearts and our breathing rate.

If needed, reach out to others who can help you sort through intense energy patterns and make sure that you also nurture yourself through the experience. Always remember that you have the right to feel.

Nurture = Love

Loving YOU!


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