Maple Syrup is one of nature’s most amazing spring treats!   For an abundance of this delicious treat, there are certain conditions that have to exist.    It begins in late winter when we are blessed with some day time temperatures that rise above zero by a few degrees.  The  thermometer  then needs to drop well below zero (- 8  to -10 ) overnight.  These temperature changes cause pressure within the tree which causes the sap to flow out.  The process of alternate freezing – thawing creates contraction and expansion of the inner cells which allows the sap to be drawn up from the roots with the freezing, and dripping down and out with the thaw.

It’s one of the amazing marvels of nature that mark the end of winter and beginning of Spring! How do you feel at this time of year?  So many of us are ready to get out and be active, and if you are not a fan of the cold, then you are likely even more restless – and eager to do so.

The spring thaw and melt is in a sense how the earth re-hydrates and can be thought of as a cleansing period as the sands and salts that have settled are washed away.  We can imagine this as a cleansing period for ourselves as well – physically, mentally and emotionally. A large percentage of who we are is water.  Our bodies are 60 – 70% of water and it needs to be replenished.  Temporary evaporation and drought are harmful to the earth, but are lethal to our bodies.  We need to continually re-hydrate.

With the official start of the season of Spring just days away, we are transitioning from that quiet winter period of inner reflection to a time of new growth.  It is time for us to clean out all of the cobwebs,  outside in our environment as well as within ourselves too.   It is time to re-consider the patterns that we settled into since the Winter Solstice, that allowed us to reflect, grow and develop our potential for new growth – to ‘re-hydrate” our senses.

Like the maple tree, you may have experienced your own periods of contraction and expansion over the winter months, often brought about with temperature changes (just like the maple).  Through the times of darkness we may find ourselves contracting and dropping to a “vibrational low point”, sometimes referred to as SAD among those who experience it.  Sometimes we get a few days of mild weather when the sun shines out brightly and we can feel a lift, that “vibrational expansion” that draws us out of our self-made winter cocoons.

I have been feeling that lift more and more lately and for me it is so inspiring. The past few weeks the light of the sun has been changing and increasing, reassuring us of the wonder that comes with the onset of Spring. Fire is the element of Spring – Aries and it is a symbol of creation and re-creation. It’s the sign of new potential.  The symbol of the Easter egg with it’s vibrant colours and promise of new life is something that we can all relate to.  I have been hearing the songs of the robin and red-winged blackbird – always an amazing “first” for me, every year.

We have moved through the past two weeks, since the new moon in Pisces, with a focus on our feelings. To name them, explore and understand them – to learn more about our own personal contractions and expansions and what causes them. Most of all to let go of feelings that no longer serve us.  Pisces is a water sign and invites us to “swim” deeply within – to seek that inner pool of consciousness and reflect on whatever you find there.  This transitioning point of the seasons is a prime time to do this, allowing ourselves to clear away any inner confusion, angst or turmoil so we can create space within for the new growth and the new reality that happens with Spring.  You may not always realize it, just as the natural world is coming back to life, so are we!  Allow yourself to consciously be with that transition and allow yourself to open to the energy that is developing around us as renewal happens, outside and in.

As we move toward the season change this week, the light of the moon is also increasing, with the full moon happening in the very early hours of tomorrow – Friday! The temperatures have been amazing the past few days and I stepped out last night to see that amazing light of the moon.  Shining down on us, it is so full of inspiration and promise of bringing our new moon intentions to light and to life. 

Energy is shifting, out in the world and within.  Allow yourself to enjoy the high vibration expansion of the Pisces transcendence. Like the beautiful maple tree, share your sweet self with creation and let new beginnings renew your Love for YOU!

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