As usual, summer is flying by at breakneck speed.  Like it always does!  are you thinking, “you are on the ball, captain obvious!!” ??  haha

I have made few new observations about myself, however.  It’s been a busy summer for me (moving does that) and there have been days that I need to remind myself to slow down to the more relaxed snail speed that I enjoy  – and that I prefer to zipping around like there is a fire on the heels of my shoes. 

(don’t have a photo of a snail – but this sailboat does the trick for me )

A friend of mine shared an internet destination with me that has me connecting on a deeper level with the moon.  I like that, because the moon is all about healing. Specifically healing our inner self – our psyches – which turned out to be something that I really needed at this time.  

I have been feeling really tired which is unusual for me – and I’ve had to remind myself that it’s not possible to do everything that I wish to, in one day – or even one month!  I have an interesting and fairly challenging agenda that I’ve been trying to follow – and catch up on, when I am not doing my day job. I think I’ve been cracking the whip (Saturn energy) a little harder than I should be – and when the new moon on July 9th came around in Cancer,  it was time to reflect.  

So, with that in mind, I toned things down slightly! lol   Then about 10 days after the new moon I developed a throbbing tooth ache – well I guess my mouth did it for me – and that went on for about 5 days.  That was a draining experience.  Even with the Advil that I was hesitant to take, it was a long 5 days.  I do not take any prescription drugs, so the Advil had me in a bit of a fog.  

So, I toned things down a bit more – and my energy began to waver.  Since the moon is all about inner healing, I got into some studies about the moon – yes, studying does not sound relaxing, does it?  Let’s just say this was more of reading and learning in a relaxing and fogged out state of mind.  

That new moon in Cancer definitely signified a time of rest and reflection – and to seriously consider an ongoing solid program of listening to my body and my mind. Hey, that sounds like “loving me” 😀   

I have a trail bike and I love taking it out on the rail trails in the area – awesome cycling in nature and through farmers fields. It is my favourite summer thing to do. The day before my toothache started I hit the Maitland G2G trail and rode about 28 k. I do this regularly and it’s very enjoyable – I am trying to say that I don’t kill myself in the process.  But on that day, I was not half way through and I started to fade.  So I rode slower, hellbent to ride it to the end.  Which I did, however that’s when I started to clue in with the connection to the moon in Cancer.

The moon really doesn’t have any type of energetic frequency on it’s own – it’s light is a reflection of the sun.  This in itself is key and tells us that it’s the state of our inner self that influences our outer sunny self – and vice versa. 

I am really getting into following the phases of the moon and understanding their connection to our emotional and mental health.  If you are interested, you can follow along on my new Lunarhythms page.  Right now it’s just some fun and low key moon musings, however as time goes on, I hope for it to be a resource for how the moon phases affects us and how to connect with it for healing. 

That new moon in Cancer is as dark as things get, and with Cancer being all about nurturing as well as withdrawing, you may as well say “vacation time – I’m outta here!!” 

Unplug everything and practice some self care!  It’s all about loving YOU!  

That’s what I did – pretty much nothing ever since the dentist scheduled my root canal for next week (although my boss hasn’t given me the nod to take any time off).  The universe delivers our rewards in mysterious ways!

Coming up this Sunday, new moon in Leo.  Then it’s really time to shine 🙂

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