I was at the dentist yesterday and we were talking about why we experience a craze or cracks and crevices in our teeth.  She said that most of the time these issues are a result of clenching and grinding which is becoming the norm due to the feelings of anxiety and stress that are so prevalent in our world today.  It’s no wonder, of course, with the ongoing troublesome world events.  However we have to learn to manage our internal experience of feelings AND that is what the new moon in Pisces is all about!

New Moon in Pisces is here, so once again it is time to set our intentions for the following moon cycle.  It’s time to once again consider what you want to be, have, experience and along with setting the intention, begin to consider and create the energy that resonates with your ideals.

Pisces is the sign in the zodiac that symbolizes the energy of our deep inner self, our awareness and the deep ocean of consciousness. With every new depth we reach in that consciousness, we increasingly draw more and more energy to us. We begin to understand more about our personal light (that light I keep asking you to shine as the light of the moon increases with the moon phases).  We begin to understand how important it is to love ourself because Pisces invites us to tune into our emotional and psychic sensitivities (feelings), our imagination and vision, our compassion for ourselves and everyone. This all leads us to understanding energetic resonance on a deeper level, which is important for creating, setting and realizing your intentions.  These are also sensitive areas that can lead to escapism – so we will look at that as well. 

It’s going to be an intense and perhaps overwhelming quest for some, however the rewards of knowing yourself at this depth and perspective will be so worth the dis-comfort that you may experience through this in the next few weeks.

Let’s begin this quest by bringing awareness to the fact that feelings are shifts of energy that we experience internally. Energy that continually changes.  With this in mind we can consider the impact of uncomfortable feelings and how impermanent they are.  With any type of dis-comfort that you experience, allow yourself to feel it completely and follow the path it takes through you. This can be a little easier to do when you are aware of the short duration of that pulse of energy and that you do have the ability to alter it.  Feel it wherever it shows up physically (your body) and start experimenting with simple practices to move and release that energy.  For myself, I have found that deep breathing and release works very well.  Deep inhale and release of body tensions with the exhale.  Taking a walk or runnning works well.  Any type of body movement, so tie on your dancing shoes if you like!

This will be an interesting month of getting to know yourself as well as learning more ways to love yourself as the light once again increases with the love of the beautiful moon! 


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