Many many years ago when I was about 8, if someone asked me what I was going to  be when I grew up, I would say quite emphatically and without hesitation that I was going to be a movie star!!  WOWZA!  I just really can’t see me lasting too long at a gig like that, but my child heart and soul had that vision 🙂

I love when kids talk about their dreams because they share anything and everything, and they believe it will happen.  So what happened to us?  Personally I have experienced many downer days, weeks and months where I always kept asking myself what in the hell I was doing wrong, but definitely not anymore!  While I am not planning to become a movie star anytime soon, I do have a crystal clear vision of what I do want, and now I fully expect it to happen.

This is what we want to consider with the new moon in Aquarius.   To learn to expect that anything can happen!

Throughout this month I am going to share ideas and concepts around your personal energy and how you can shift it to align and resonate with the energy of your wishes, goals and dreams.  My last two videos are a start in that direction, so I invite you to take a few moments and check those out, if you have not already.

With the new moon on Tuesday, we are now back into the waxing phase where we want to align our energies with the increasing light of the moon. If you have anything in particular that you need to focus on this month as part of your annual plan, then take some time to jot those things down in your journal or on your calendar.  Now is the time to set the intentions for everything that you want (and expect) to happen this month, regardless of whether it is related to your annual plan or these are things that you just want to happen.  Remember that the timing of our wishes needs to be handed over to the Universe.  We can only create the intentions and the focus, and then we have to allow the Universe to deliver.

A quick summary of where we are now in terms of working with the moon phases:

  • review your annual plan and determine whether or not you need to do some tweaking at this point – now is the best time to make adjustments and attune to any energy shifts that need to happen
  • now is the time to explore radical ideas (very Aquarian)
  • set your intentions for this month – those related to your annual plan and those that are not
  • Aquarius is all about our identity, our independence, our unique self and our freedom to be – I invite you to consider these things when you create your intentions 
  • as mentioned in my new moon video, Aquarius is a sign of creativity so I invite you to create something that represents your vision** and make sure you have fun with it!
  • now is the time to begin to consider flexibility and how it affects your achievements***
  • now is the time to be mindful of your personal energy and tune into how your feelings and perceptions are affecting your will and your motivation
  • continue to do the things that you need to do for you, enhancing your individuality and your love for your unique and beautiful self

** I invite you to discover or engage with your inner artist and perhaps create a vision board of your goals and intentions related to how you see yourself in a year from now OR for this month; alternatively, try something more abstract and use colour to express what your vision is or shapes and words. The piece that I did is not a true vision of myself or how I see myself in a year, but it contains symbols of what I am expecting to achieve and is tied to the energy that I am investing and aligning with in order to attract what I want.   The energy that you are creating and attracting with this exercise is very significant, and supersedes the visual appeal of the end result.

***  as you progress through the different moon phases and develop an increased awareness of your personal energies – and as you begin to realize how the frequency of your unique energetic vibrations are aligning and resonating with your circumstances then you also need to be open to the experiences and opportunities that you are drawing into your life.  Your perception of flexibility is going to be as individual as you are and now is the time to really tune into what that means to you.  Developing your sense of intuition and knowing how to be open to signs is key in this respect, as well as understanding that you may be invited to connect with something that does not seem even remotely connected to your aspirations AND that you may need to consider accepting that invitation anyway. 

The Universe delivers in some interesting ways!!

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