it’s been a month and more since my last post!  I have been completely immersed in my move and completely oblivious to how time has passed so quickly.

I have been Doing Time physically and mentally. The physical challenges of a move from one residence to another can be arduous, even when you have hired a moving company to help you.  There’s a lot to do!  The mental aspect of moving can also wear you down. 

I did not have a moving company help me, however I am very grateful to those who did – although they can rest assured that they won’t have to do it again.  There are some things that just aren’t as much fun as you become more mature 😉  

Let me just say that it took longer to recuperate this time – physically and mentally. Some days my brain felt more pooped than my bod!!  But it is oh so worth it!

The move out of the city to an apartment in a small town is what kept me going the past month; it’s been a move that I have been waiting to do and I am thrilled to be in my new home! 

Doing Time can often rob us of inspiration and aspirations.  Doing Time can impose physical, mental and emotional barriers and prevent us from doing what we want to do and having what we want to have.  

I found that I had to remember to honor myself and what I am capable of – even though in some ways, I seem to be capable of slightly less than I was before. The move itself was something I needed to do for me, to allow me to move on to some new things and to pursue and develop a new and different set of capabilities.

Doing Time can hold us back if we are not aware of the hold it can have on us.  It’s important to nurture yourself when you are experiencing the weight of mental or emotional blocks and to continue to imagine what is possible.  It is difficult to do, but if you are able to even take a few minutes each day to create a vision of something different, than that is a great first step!  One step leads to another.

Loving myself has brought me this far and I am excited with the prospects of what is to come.  After a month of working hard and working through the challenges of a relocation, I am so ready to create again. 

Everything difficult is well worth the effort when it gets you closer to your true natural self, your true connection. 

Hoping that you are still loving yourself! Talk again soon!! 🙂  xo

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