Many of us find it quite difficult to love ourselves due to prior environmental and family conditioning.  You must always remember that any messages that you received that were a contradiction to your true unique and beautiful self are just messages that have been passed on from an unhappy source that will always be unknown.

Different stories are shared amongst different families and different communities and victims of abuse and family traumas tend to pass their lower vibrations of energy down the genetic line.

There are also media / marketing messages that bombard us daily on why and how we need to improve ourselves.

The best thing that you can do for yourself here and now is ignore and disregard all of those judgement calls.  Turn them all OFF.  You are deserving of much more and when you move away from the discord of your day, clear your mind and tune into your own pure energy, you will find your energy and your life begin to resonate with vibrations of peace and harmony.

We are all perfect, with flaws that make us perfectly human. Each and every one of us.  Many of us have been raised to think that no one is perfect and that those who think that they are have social issues.  The perfection that I am speaking of is the amazing dynamics of the human spirit and the love that is in our hearts. Divine loving energy that is our birthright and the essence of life.  That is the perfect blessing that each of us holds and that is meant to be shared with others. 

We have all been exposed to situations and people in our life that have created doubt and disbelief, causing that love to fall away.  Their fears of life and love have influenced them to bring the same vibration to all of their connections. The dramas that have evolved from dysfunction have lead the majority of us to believe that we need to avoid anyone or anything that is different and have created a void in a place where love has been concealed.  Where love has been falling away.

Around the globe we are all now faced with a situation that has been challenging each of us to approach life in new and different ways.  Families are creating bubble communities to assist one another and individuals are making change everywhere to help their neighbors who are not able to help themselves.  This is the beauty of the love within each of us coming to light. 

Could this global pandemic be teaching us all to love again?

Love yourself and your perfect you!  You cannot love anyone else until you do. Remember that everyone else is perfect too!


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