What an amazing Monday! The sun is out in full force and the temperature is perfect, low twenties and no humidity.  I love this – its perfect for me!  Monday can often get a bad rap but it’s hard to express any dismay on a day like today.

What about you? How did Monday play out for you today?  Are you feeling enthused about how your day went, and if so, do you know why?  Was it the sun in the sky?

The feelings of enthusiasm and joy that we experience when the sun shines brightly is what kindles our vitality.  Our spirit – energy within – is our light bulb (see my last post) and it is charged through our personal connection to the element fire.  The sun is fire and that fire gives life to everything here on earth. 

The fire within us is a reflection of our solar sun and our response to it.  I am basking in the warmth of the setting sun as I write this and that inspires me.  I feel engaged and grateful for its brilliance.  This expression of the sun has an amazing ripple effect; as it shines its light and warmth on me, it is actually shining through me as I then express the inspiration I feel.  Remember the prism?   

The sun’s energy flows through me as I express myself to you and to others – and it flows through you, as you express yourself to me and to others.  That’s a lot of high vibe energy going out there – and what we send out is what we get back!

If you enjoy sitting still and basking in the warmth of the sun, you will likely agree with me that those vibrations flowing around us are vibrations of love. Light and warmth and high vibes is what we feel when we share our emotions with those we love – and that is what life is about.  Love is a gift to us as the sun shines down upon this earth. 

The element of fire within us determines how we live and love – from the small spark that is the beginning of life to the passionate roaring fire of the biggest party animal that you know (or that you are) and everything in between.  We are all flames of light and life – expressing it in our own unique way. 

What creates that spark and how does it feed your fire?  The answer to that question is different for each one of us, as unique as our fingerprint.  

When I set out on my personal mission to understand my energy and to learn about what influences how I feel and how I express my energy, I had no idea of the magnitude of that mission!  However, in this experience of learning, I have come to appreciate our source – and the dynamics of the interchange of energy between us and all around me.  

It has shown me why loving myself is the key to an amazing life – and now I have a mission to give the key to you 🙂 




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