With the full moon shining its beautiful light on Monday (Jan 17) I feel the amazing energy of the “waxing” light. I look back on the last two weeks of initiation and I feel so inspired.  We are only two weeks into this year of understanding and finding a true genuine love for ourselves, through the phases and rhythms of the moon, and yet I am feeling totally jazzed by how inspiring those two weeks have been for me.

I wish the same for you and hope that the energy of the last two weeks has been motivating for you. I am excited with the prospects of what the rest of the year is going to reward us with! I appreciate your following along with this “Lunarhythms” program and I sincerely hope that through this year we have the opportunity to connect in one way or another.

I would also like to say that each of us is wired completely differently and that even if you are not interested in the program for change in your life, that you might find the nature of the moon phases and the zodiac of interest.  Every month will be an exploration of the elements and how they influence our individuality and identity, and the relation of the elemental correlation with that particular month.  In the turn of the wheel and the orbit of the moon, we will see how we resonate with the elements and reveal why we are all so different, but how we are all so connected to each other.

Most of all, you are going to embrace a love for yourself as you become engaged with the beauty of the influence of lunarhythms in your life.  How each phase guides you to reaching for and realizing your amazing potential.

Always be mindful of our differences.  I talk a lot and write a lot and make some suggestions with the intent of inspiration.  I have personally experienced a new perspective on my life with the lunar connection and so I speak from my heart, and I hope that you too can connect with that magical lunar energy.  However, because each of us are so different, you will have your own unique experience with this, and you will know the best way to approach each idea and use it in a way that is beneficial for you. 

Just a quick recap on the objective of the new moon – waxing energies in Capricorn:

  • New moon is a time to shift and/or enhance our energy so that our unique vibration connects and resonates with the building energy of the waxing moon
  • A very beneficial time to create a plan for manifestation as we enhance and create a positive energy field within that resonates with the waxing moon
  • Imagining and visualizing the goal and what it feels like to achieve it
  • Creating a belief system around that vision and establishing the belief in yourself that you “have” realized your goal
  • Knowing that the energy you are creating through these visons and beliefs are bringing you into resonance with the energy that attracts what you want and need for fulfillment
  • Understanding that the energy of Saturn (that rules Capricorn) is going to challenge your determination and ask you to prove your genuine motivation to succeed
  • Understanding that the limitations that Saturn poses are gifts that create an awareness of how we can achieve self-respect, self-esteem and confidence through mastering achievement
  • Above all, connecting with the lunar love that is your gift to yourself as you continually develop your confidence and your self-respect because these are the qualities of loving you!

These are the foundation of what we are going to build on through out the amazing year ahead….…..so on we go to a Happy Full Moon!!  😀

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