There are more than a few people, including myself who understand that loving ourselves isn’t as easy as the words “tune into loving you” and “above all, love yourself”.  Those words are affirmations. Loving yourself is about feelings and experience.

It’s a happening thing.  We can read about it and talk about it but that isn’t  enough.  Sort of like how recipes and shopping aren’t enough to feed ourselves. It’s the cooking of the meal and the dining that nourishes our body.  

To love ourselves it’s all in the intention and the commitment to change old attitudes and habits and create the circumstances that allow you to accept. Acceptance of who and what we are, just the way we are, is paramount – and often not very easy.

I have mentioned thoughts and their influence.  This is where we really need to start to make the changes.  

If you have come this far and the implications of doing time resonates with you AND you want to make the commitment to create a different experience in your life, then start focusing your thoughts on acceptance – of everything.  Including yourself and everyone else too. 

Start to imagine your love filled life of joy and take the time to create a vision of how it will look.  Create a vision of how it looks and how it feels.  Write or draw it out in a journal if that works for you. Let that be your default when your mind is starting to churn and you need to shift your thoughts to something else. What you are thinking and how you respond is something that you can control.

Now, whenever judgement becomes your prevailing state of mind – judgement of anyone, anything and of yourself, then shift those thoughts and the energy behind those thoughts to your vision.   Move from the lower vibration thinking of doing time to the higher vibration of love and living in your mind.

That’s where it begins.  Let’s learn this art of gourmet cooking and fine dining together. Let’s feed the world with Love 🙂

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