I remember back to a time when I felt that the other person in my house was the reason for my problems and my dis-comfort.  the conflict that arose between us on a regular basis left me feeling at loose ends and doubting myself.  and I mean “REGULARLY”.  it really starts to wear you down after awhile.

struggle in your living environment is not healthy and it is a sign that something needs to be dealt with.  the more often and more intense the struggle then more than likely the “something” is going to be difficult to deal with. going to lead to dis-comfort and that means doing time.  

but what is better?  doing time to avoid having to deal with the situation?  that’s what I did for many years and it was a long and arduous journey.   it is a natural response for us to avoid situations that make us uncomfortable and very often we ignore these problems for so long that we end up attempting to resolve our feelings through tactics that make the situation worse or create more problems.

in my own situation, what I did find was that there were a lot of truths about myself that I needed to learn and changes that I needed to make. It’s been a long haul but an amazing ride! Facing up to facts and finding out who I am is the inspiration behind “Doing Time”.  

I had been doing my own time mostly because I had never learned to value myself and who I am; what I have to share.  This is key for you and for me!  It’s about learning to Love, and that is just where we are going to start.

so let’s start the process of introspection and see what we can find.  it’s just a dialogue with yourself and so its not going to create any further grief to engage with this process – and it can’t hurt one bit.  it’s something to help you bide the minutes and hours of doing time. 

are you ready for your ride?


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