Here we are again, faced with more limitations and restrictions.  It’s  been a long haul for many – some feeling it in different ways than others – along with many different emotions as we deal with the ongoing uncertainties of these times.  Our second Easter where traditions may have to be put aside for the best of all.

I have not seen my own family since our Thanksgiving get together in October of 2019, but I am thankful that each of us is safe and well. 

Some of us have experienced the loss of loved ones,  the loss of health, the loss of employment – loss of living life as we knew it and adjusting to unwelcome change. Losses of various magnitudes that only we can know from the depth of grief in our hearts.

There is not one of us that can ever imagine what or how this is affecting our friends and family, we can only understand our own personal experience and what might be the best way  to deal with our current way of life. 

This is the reality of our second Chakra.  Living with the emotions of life and developing an understanding of how every day is a new chance to live life once again.   Once again, but different, because in reality every day is different in some respect.  A chance to recreate something that is even more amazing than the day before.

We have a tendency to become complacent and to develop expectations about how our day / life should unfold.  However we actually have no control over what actually happens from sunrise to sunset and the current reality is proof of that. 

I sometimes think that this could be a lesson for all of us in acceptance.  Just my thoughts – and this in no way is suggesting that this is justification for all of the suffering that has and still is affecting us.  However I do believe that whenever limitation shows up in our life, we are presented with an opportunity to make changes that will more than likely benefit us in some way.  

With Easter upon us, let’s consider the significance of this celebration.  For those of us who resonate with the progression of the sun and wheel of life and resonate with the evolution of nature, this weekend is a celebration of the “resurrection” of life.  The season of Spring and renewal.  For those familiar with and who follow the Christian traditions of Easter,  you are celebrating the resurrection of the spirit and renewal.  They aren’t really that different. 

However you choose to acknowledge this celebration of life, consider the new life around us at this time as well as the opportunities we have to re-create our lives. Learning to embrace life each day from this perspective enables us to develop personal power and the strength to be aware of our energy in motion. 

This energy is our vitality – our fire – our force of life.  Without it, we are setting ourselves up for Doing Time and  losing out on the experiences that being in tune with that energy can present to us. The truth of our life that we are meant to live.

If you are looking for some hope at this time, I take the liberty of suggesting that you connect with something outside.  Something that you can sit with and observe through the coming weeks and months. Allow yourself to watch a tree come to life through buds and leaves or listen to the beautiful bird song now as they call to each other in the nature of reproduction and spring renewal.  Listen to the wind in the trees and the spring peepers playing to their own chorus of new life.  It is everywhere. 

The fire of love and the fire of life.  We can always count on Spring to brighten our lives!

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