Here we are!  I’ve been feeling great about my plans for this year and lately my energy has been vibrating to the tune of excitement.  It’s creating a lot of optimism for me, and at this time of the new moon phase (starting January 2)  that is exactly the energy we want to create.

With the new moon in Capricorn, it’s time to make the plan!  The new moon is all about inspiration, vision, imagination and dreams.  At the time of the new moon we are asked to turn inward and allow our psyches to guide us.  The moon is our heart and soul – our feelings.  At this time we want to figure out what we want to experience, how we want to feel and then create the plan to manifest our aspirations.

I will be following the moon phases through the 12 signs of the zodiac in the next 365 days, and as the moon progresses so will we.  We will develop an awareness of how the seasons of the moon affect us and guide us.  We will create an opportunity to understand a little more about our energy and what we can do (or not do) to create happiness in our life. 

For starters, you can check this out – What is Capricorn?– to get a little background on the type of energy we are working with at this new moon.   Saturn is the disciplinarian, the professor and the master of karma.

Many times in the past I have struggled with creating a vision and a plan of what I want to achieve.  I am a huge proponent of surrendering to universal energy and allowing my vibration to attract and align with what I need for the moment.   While that is not wrong, it lacks clear foresight on what could be if I become the master of my energy and what I am attracting.  I believe that I have struggled with the concept of investing in myself, however I am realizing that is what I now need to do. 

For awhile now I’ve been considering how I want my life to look for these later years, and to get beyond the “employment” phase of my life.  Some peeps would refer to it as retirement, however with the ideas that I have in mind, it will be anything but “my retiring”!  I have ideas and I have THE vision.  Now I am going to put some of my energy and focus into a plan.  At this time of the new moon in Capricorn, I am aligning with the discipline of Saturn energy to now create and manifest my dream 🙂

I will take some time this week, at the time of this new moon phase, to turn inward and listen to my heart and how it can guide me to create a plan that will work for me.  Meditation allows me to become still and feel my energy, which connects me to my soul.  Then the messages come through as to what to be and what to do.

If you are following along with my 2022 Lunarhythms program to create change for yourself, then I suggest that you also take some time this week to create some type of plan that will guide and assist you to success.  We are embarking on this journey to find our lunar love.  That’s the essence of this mission, because I believe that finding and creating a love for yourself will be one of the main benefits of exploring your energy through Lunarhythms.  That energy of self-discipline, self- respect and self-love will attract the energy that is needed for your fulfillment and achievement.

The plan you create has to feel good for you and work for you, in order to inspire and maintain the energy of manifestation.  Many peeps have a strong belief in affirmations to attract and manifest for them. I don’t dispute that affirmations are a great tool for your mindset, however the essence of your energy is actually the driving force.  Developing an ongoing awareness of your energy and the vibrations that you are sending out to the universe is key. The energy you are is what drives the energy that you need and that you receive – “to have and to be”.

My plan will start with setting intentions.  This means considering objectives, which are the ideas and activities that I will pursue to reach my goals.  Obviously a clear sense of what my goals are will help me to determine and set intentions that will align with my objectives.  Always being mindful that keeping things simple when and where I can, will also create a greater chance of my being able to work with my plan.  

Next I will need to determine the actions I need to take that assist me with the learning and the experiences that I need to engage in for success in aligning with my objectives.  I will also need to plan the regularity of engaging in those activities.  In terms of planning this, there are some people who find they need a very tight schedule with the same times allotted for their “me time” or “self-care time” in order to do the things they need (and want) to do.

For myself, since I am still employed, I need to develop some good “working” time for me that aligns with my energy levels at certain times of day.  I find it beneficial to get up early in the morning and indulge in the “me time” that I need to get things done,  The actions that require the most brain power and focus will happen in those early hours.  The other things that I wish to do will happen right after my working day while I still have some energy to invest in myself – and prior to the time of day where I find my energy waning.  That is what works for me, and I ask that you allow yourself to experiment with some type of similar plan that works with your own personal energy levels.   

There are considerations to be made for the people in our lives with whom we live – or with whom we need to see or care for – and these considerations are part of the plan.  Please bear in mind that this is all part of learning to invest in yourself!  If you start with any type of feelings of misgivings because you think that what you want for yourself is going to take away from the part of you that you share with others, then allow yourself to consider some affirmations that remind you of how important you are!   click here:  We are LOVE!

Write or draw your plan on a napkin, scrap paper, a notebook, a painting, a vision board or whatever works for you.  Most important, keep the plan visible or create a symbol of it that is visible. Hang it where it will constantly remind you that in the new moon phase, its our energy that is going to be key to success.  First and foremost, this next week is about quiet and introspection.  Exploring your feelings and how you want to feel.  Experiencing the beauty of you and who you are.  Inspiration, visions, ideas, dreams, creativity and your imagination.  Think “blue sky” and that everything is possible, because in dreams everything is!!   Everything becomes possible in life as well, once we shift our energy to the vibration of Love!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Moon

  1. Thank you so much for this post…I too have been feeling the optimism! I’m going to sit down tonight in the dark moon and do my final bit of releasing so that I can dream/plan/set intentions to my hearts content tomorrow and onwards.
    Today I picked up my oracle cards and pulled my new moon in Capricorn card as I asked what I needed for the coming days! How ironic that tomorrow it will be the new moon in Capricorn!!
    Happy New Year!!

    • It is synchronicity my dear friend!! I feel so glad that you are also experiencing optimism at this time 🙂 and I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with you!! xxoo

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