So lets get back to the ideas around accepting ourselves, because that is what eventually leads to inner peace.  Peace is something that we often wish for others at this time of year.  It’s the word that we share but what is the intent behind it?

Do we just say it?  Do we say it with the true intent of a heartfelt wish for Peace to those who we send out greetings?  Do we feel that Peace when we share these thoughts of goodwill?  I think we all do the best that we can.

Peace will come to every person who can claim acceptance in their life and this starts with acceptance of everything we don’t like about ourselves (along with the things that we do like 🙂 )

So where do we start?  I think the best place is to start with that speaker in your head that I talked about, several posts ago. What programs does that speaker play? If the themes of your programs are an endless tirade of internal rebuke, then let’s turn the speakers off for awhile.  Step 1 accomplished!!

ok, the speaker is off but the voice still needs to be tamed.  That would be your inner voice.  How can we go from negative self-talk to loving kindness and acceptance of all that we are?  We can start with a rebuttal to the remarks, and with that rebuttal you put your arm around you as a loving gesture of acceptance.  Just as you would with someone else that you love when you want to offer your support.

You are going to support you, with lots of love and some words that will stop the chatter.  You will decide on words that resonate with you; something that helps you to accept you and whatever you are happening to be or do in the moment.

Here is an example:  so many of us deal with a negative and/or poor self image. This has been an ongoing situation for hundreds of years, all thanks to the many companies who can profit from your disastrous opinion of yourself.  It is in the name of mass marketing and capitalism that we all hate the shape and size of our bodies.  I get it, I’ve been there. 

Does anyone know who created the patent on the perfect body?  Does anyone know who authorized the idea, the concept, the shape, the size, colour, height, weight and the perfect volume of your eyelashes?  Every company that wants to sell you something that you don’t need.  You may not agree with me right now, but if you can give this Peace thing a chance, then I am pretty sure you will see what I am getting at.  Once you are comfortable and at peace with who and what you are, then everything else becomes amazingly acceptable as well.  

Inner peace is what leads to outer peace. Outer peace attracts more outer peace and eventually you find yourself surrounded with Peace and Love.

We attract the energy of our focus, so with some kind words to ourselves, let’s shift the energy around your thoughts of your self-image (or with whatever you choose to start this with).  What words will work for you?  

Some suggestions:

“yes, here I am feeling that again and that’s ok”

“Oh you again, of course!”

“it’s understandable to feel like this”

“It’s all good, everything is as it should be”

These are words of COMPLETE acceptance and it is in that acceptance where self-judgement is released.  It is in this acceptance where you will begin to feel the relief that comes with the freedom of knowing you are absolutely fine just the way you are.  Because you will find that as you continue to use and say the words, then the less you will feel distracted with those issues. The self-talk turns to an amazing experience of contentment and a better understanding of ourselves and others.

When we are resisting and rejecting (that negative self-talk) then our energy is used to keep that struggle going.  When we accept and love everything about ourselves – including our perceived flaws and imperfections – then the energy of peace and calm will prevail. You are releasing the standards of your or someone else’s perceived perfection and allowing you to become YOU.  Loving you.

You are deserving of the same Peace that you wish for others.





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