Back in June (of 2020) when I first started playing with the idea of this journal and recording my thoughts around Doing Time, I wrote this post: Finding Your Foundation .

A strong first Chakra indicates a strong foundation and will be the harbinger of the health of the rest of your Chakras 2 through to 7 (and above).

Being grounded is principal to a strong foundation.  Being grounded is being connected and taking responsibility for yourself and how you manage your life.  It is like electricity that is delivered through high voltage transmission lines across the country and through lowering the voltage, it becomes available to us.  Similarly if we are using our energy to function without focusing our power, then we are going to be fragmented and experience challenges in directing that energy toward building our foundation.

By inserting a plug in the wall, we can access the electricity that we need to run our appliances that we like to use throughout our day.  Similarly, if we are channeling our energy with intention and focus, it becomes a reliable source of power that will help us attract what we need to live well.  In “plugging in” and grounding ourselves, we become conduits of energy that will attract more energy that resonates with a similar vibration.

I had the pleasure of learning this the hard way – and it is a pleasure because the personal growth that I have experienced through my own challenges of grounding is priceless. Without getting into the many details of my life story, there were a few reasons that I ran up against some walls in Finding My Foundation.

Valuing myself and finding my personal worth was not something that was instilled in me when growing up – my home environment was not one where we were encouraged to explore our abilities and natural talents – and then to follow a dream accordingly.  There is not a need to point fingers – that’s just the way it was.  Instead, I could not wait to bust out of the gates and play the game of life.  I started early and played some difficult rounds because I never had the inkling to understand that life can be more interesting and more enjoyable when proper choices are made.

Many of the choices I made were unfortunate, causing grief and hardship for some, financial issues for others – and myself – and a continual abuse of my personal resources.  I lived in my head and as time went on I became farther away from stability.  I had no idea how to invest in myself because I did not see myself as worth investing in.

After struggling for many years I experienced some changes in my life that led me to some interesting experiences where I finally began to understand why I always seemed to be up against the same challenges. Some of my deal was working through and burning up an old suitcase full of emotional caca that had to GO!!  (more on that when we get to Chakra 2)  That was very revealing and liberating.

I was also fortunate to cross paths with some people who were very grounded and I believe some of that rubbed off on me. I actually think that our meeting was meant to happen as an opportunity for guidance.

AND, would you believe that cleaning toilets also contributed to my evolution?!  Yes!  You see I am a Libra and so it is a natural inclination for me to want to immerse myself in learning and knowledge and to engage with the more mental facets of life.  I am a bookworm.  I do not watch TV – I read, and read, and read and read some more. This elevates me higher in the capacity to think and make plans – however I will not ever win a prize on the execution of the plan!

Although I must say that I am getting better. Are you wondering how cleaning toilets helped me out?

Well after quitting a full time job to follow a dream, and after moving around to follow a dream, and after spending money to follow a dream – all without the first idea of how to invest in myself, I crapped out. Boy, I was doing some time then 🙁  I was working part time however things were getting harder to manage. The will to survive and be warm has always inspired me to keep a roof over my head, no matter what – so I did like myself enough to always have that. BUT finances were dwindling so I took on some housecleaning jobs.

I have read that cleaning is an excellent exercise for becoming grounded and now I truly believe it. I have never had a problem cleaning and I have been told that I am pretty good at it, so in an effort to make ends meet, I met my first outlet and plugged myself in 🙂

Things began to change after that – and they continue to now. It wasn’t just the toilets – it’s about that dream that I am following. It continually blesses me with the learning experiences that I need to Find My Foundation.

Becoming grounded is about tuning into the elements and Earth energy.AND having a really clean toilet!

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