Releasing the burden of doing time is an ongoing effort until you have influenced your energy to take the higher path – to vibrate in a new frequency.

essential to the effort is being grounded in a stable frequency 


being grounded means you are able to handle and sustain the requirements of living a life that includes the day to day routines of establishing your home, housekeeping, earning a living, nourishing your body – and that of your family and keeping your debts to a minimum as well as any habits that contribute to indebtedness. 

being grounded means taking care, maintaining a foundation that contributes to security in your life – lining up whatever fence posts that you need to attract and contain safety and stability.

we are fluid waves of energy and matter and we are all vibrating at different frequencies. Your frequencies determine what waves of energy and matter you are attracting into your life.  If this sounds somewhat far fetched to you, then take some time to contemplate how your cells look under a huge microscope – fluid moving energy.  then give a little thought to what is happening in your life right now and why you feel like you are doing time.  what energy have you attracted that is creating this feeling and why?  

you know that the feelings that you get from experiencing happy moments are a lot different than the feelings of doing time – these feelings are energy and like attracts like.  creating a stable environment to live in contributes to balance, security and contentment, allowing you to feel comfort which in turn creates more energy of comfort.

you haven’t got a chance of ditching the doing time until you have your house in order


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