As I have mentioned on previous occasions, my in-depth study began when I was immersed in some not so pleasant experiences that so often led me to Doing Time. This was a natural way for me to handle my personal grievances because of the different types of energetic vibrations that fuel and feed my need to learn.  It is in the desire to learn about my personal energy and how to obtain a healthy sense of balance in my life, where I found my spark.

I can’t really recall just exactly when the spark was lit, however I do know that it came from a desire to live with and resonate with my personal energy in such a way that I would feel in tune with that energy, instead of feeling like it was controlling me – or out of control at difficult times. 

My in-depth study began with simple meditation, connecting with nature, learning yoga and then branched out to a certification as a Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Restorative Yoga Instructor among the countless hours of self-study in the energy medicine field.  So you can see that this has become a serious pursuit for me 🙂 

Now, here’s where it starts for all of us.  Becoming aware and learning about your personal energy field – what is your “eclectic mix” and how it lights your fire!  Each of us is as different as our fingerprint and what I find fascinating is going to be a complete bore for some of you – I guess if you’re still reading my posts, then we do share something 🙂 

We find our fire when we become aware of the energy of the stars – particularly that of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter.

In my situation my Sun is in Libra, however at the time I was born, Neptune, Mercury and Venus were all in Scorpio on the horizon – which means this energy is WHO I AM.  Mars was traditionally the ruler of Scorpio and Mars energy is about courage, defense and survival.  Jupiter was in Sagittarius, in the house of Communication and Perspective. I realize that this won’t mean anything at all to many of you, however it is my hope to shed enough light on this to help you become aware of your own unique energy “print”.

The element of fire is what brings light to life and inspires us to live life to its fullest! Our Sun sign shares some insight on what we are about and the sign on the horizon – and the planets in it – at time of birth says who we are.  The light and love of fire – Sun – and the initial point of light – horizon – is your spark.  

When these vibrations resonate with your healthy Chakras, then you will get a sense of how to light your fire!!

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