Have you ever noticed how vulnerable we feel when someone we are close to passes away from the earth into the light?  Even in situations where you are aware that it is happening, there are still overwhelming feelings of longing.  We long to see them again, one more time.  We don’t want to let go because we are very aware of that void they are going to leave.  The void is uncomfortable.

We all have different beliefs about what happens when our physical existence on this earth ends.  But these are the times when we seem to feel more connected to nature and the natural rhythms of the earth.

These are also times when our thoughts and emotions take over and for many of us, leave us of our senses.  and nothing makes sense.  The meaning that we associate with things changes.  Essentially, energy shifts and nothing is ever the same again – as it was.  There is a new paradigm that we will eventually become acquainted with, and will become a new sense of normal.   For awhile.  

There is a new beginning that arises from death and letting go. 

The beliefs we hold true and that influence our behaviour and emotions – and the thoughts we experience as we work through our loss – are the energy of Mercury.  Thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, teaching and anything and everything that is tied to communication and perception is tied to the planet Mercury.  Mercury is the element of Air and resonates with our fifth chakra. 

The moon is connected to our feelings and how we feed our soul.  Death inspires grief and can create heartache that is difficult to comprehend and difficult to live with. 

Even more difficult to bear may be the heaviness we feel in our hearts – and that of the broken heart – as that sudden jolt of energy that filters from our overwhelming thoughts and our dis-oriented senses moves from our head and mind.  Depending on how much despair you are experiencing, that energy may move in very slow motion allowing you the space to comprehend the new truth, or it might overtake your physical presence as the internal tremor of remorse creates a shock wave.   The tremble and the turning of your heart is the energy of Venus, also the element of Air and resonates with the fourth chakra.

Mercury, Venus and the Moon are very intertwined when we experience death.  Their placement in your birth-chart will influence how you handle the experience, along with the depth of your connection to nature, and your “familiarity” with the ongoing cycle of life.  

It’s all energy, just as we are. Being at one with that energy and allowing it to shift and move through you when you are ready is key to healing the void.  

Compassion is a gift we are grateful to receive when we are experiencing loss. It’s a sense of energy that helps us to re-connect with the rhythm of life.  Experiencing death can alter what we perceive as normal and it feels like we step out of time for awhile.  Having a source of love to guide us through difficult times is a true blessing. 

When we love ourselves, it becomes very natural to share the gift of compassion with those who are in need.  Our hearts have experienced pain and as we honor that experience and allow healing energy to move through us, we learn that sharing compassion is beneficial to both you, the giver, as well as the receiver. It’s an exchange of energy that is loving and the vibration of that energy has an amazing ripple effect, out into the world.   

The Sun has just moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius.  Scorpio is intense and is the sign of deep introspection and challenges.  Just take a look outside and note how the earth and nature are moving through a death.  We are long past the growing season, as well as the harvest.  The earth is now letting go and preparing for something new.  We feel it and it can be a difficult time.

Perspective is key and influences how we see what is going on around us. We can see it as loss or as part of the plan for an amazing new beginning.

Allow yourself to be the energy of love and compassion now, for you and everyone.  It brings light to the dark, and to your soul.  It can shift energy and perspectives!  Loving YOU is loving all 🙂

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