The emotions that we experience in life, that are caused by our feelings, will provide a gateway where we have an opportunity to choose how we want to experience these emotions.

Our feelings come about from reaction – in any energetic exchange there is an initiation of thoughts, words, ideas or movement of some kind as well as a response to that initiation.  Remember, the power of words and their “potential” effect on how we feel?

If our personal energy is always living from a place of reaction, then we unconsciously choose to allow our energy to follow patterns that are  not really our own.  Our life experiences, ideas and day to day routine are influenced and perhaps even directed by something or someone else.  There might be any number of reasons why we choose to live from this place, including lack of awareness, lack of initiative, lack of self-knowledge or empowerment, or even fear.  In a sense we are denying our emotions or suppressing them to live in accordance with the energy of that something or someone else.

Alternatively, when we are tuned into and aware of who we are and what we stand for, we will more than likely choose to tune into our emotions and allow them to guide us toward energy exchanges that are an expression of who we are.  Expressions that are a true connection to our values.

In this sense our emotions do truly offer us an opportunity to learn from our choices. In the unconscious “reactive” energy of “external influence” we may eventually be forced to consider our situation and if it is beneficial to our well-being to live with that influence. Our first chakra physicality (our body and our environment) which is the container for our emotions may feel restricted when we are not being “true to you”.

If we do not acknowledge the limitations to our freedom then we inevitably experience feelings of restriction, which may create a sense of confinement – and we all know where that can lead!  Doing time!  Our energy is depleted as we struggle to be comfortable while restrained, and as the vibration of this energy dwindles, we can begin to feel ourselves compress. We become “smaller” in our ideas and thoughts and like a ball of yarn, as our core gets smaller, we will eventually unravel. Or our life will, taking us along for the ride.

That’s when avoidance turns into a tornado – picks you up and sets you down right in the middle of the place you have been trying to avoid all along. Why? Because we are destined to resolve the issues and longings that we repress.  It is part of life, and so life will find a way to bring this to you. When we land in Kansas, it is the journey home where we find ourselves and what we really want. 

I am not saying that there aren’t some of us who find ourselves in circumstances where the liberties to make choices are few or none.  However, that situation provides opportunity to learn from limitation.  We find freedom in understanding that choice and change come from within. That freedom is the key to self awareness, comfort and peace.

Once you find yourself living from the energy of that freedom, you may also find yourself attracting into your life those things that you thought you would never realize.

We are back to another perspective on the benefit of loving ourselves.  That love is the first step toward tuning into who we are and what we stand for.  That love is the high vibration energy that leads us to the path of choice and true connection.

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