How would you rate the connections that you have to your feelings, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being that you are completely removed from experiencing feelings and with 10 being the extremity of feeling your feelings? Extremity is defined by perception so everyone is going to have a different idea of what that is. Can you put a number on it? or does it vary with what you are experiencing each day? There is no right answer – this is a matter of awareness 🙂   

ah yes, to once again be aware of our awareness!

How each of us feels about “things” is very personal.  By “things” I mean pretty much anything under the sun that we could ever consider talking about.  How about an example?  Like my current feelings on the environment are very different from the views of someone who feels that our national economic policy should be the highest priority. On a more personal level, my husband and I have completely different views and feelings about having cats as pets. 


Chakra 2 is all about feelings, emotions, creativity and our more primal urges, like sex and how comfortable we are with it.  No worries!!  I don’t care to delve into your sex life but I believe its important for you to be aware of your feelings about it and how that impacts your life.  It’s one of the most sensitive areas in many relationships – and relationships are highly emotional and the dynamics of your relationships are based on feelings!  Chakra 2 is a loaded gun!

Today, we seem to live in a world where many people have dis-engaged with their feelings.  This could be due to any number of reasons however my guess is that it has a lot to do with the tensions and holding patterns that are sitting like old red bricks in your cellular tissue, muscles, tendons etc.  If certain types of feelings that arise from memories that are painful or disappointing then we all prefer to avoid those feelings.

Avoidance takes us away (temporarily) from thinking about what we are feeling and why – but the energy of those feelings don’t go away when you avoid them. They build as  tension in your body and create holding patterns that bring stress to areas of your body and block the free movement of energy through your body.

This is evident in the popularity of massage therapy and the requirements of physio-therapy that we are dependent on today.

E-motion is energy-in-motion and emotional trauma can leave a long lasting block of ice in our nervous system where the tap is blocked and not even the tiniest icicle or drip of water can pass through.  In many of these situations, we are not aware of it and cannot see it for the cold thick fog that is wrapped around that block of ice.

My mom passed away when I was 13 and that situation was more than my adolescent psyche could bear.  There was fear and there was anger and those feelings got submerged way down deep because I did not know how to deal with them and in those days very few people talked about feelings and emotions. That created a huge block of ice that grew harder and colder as the years passed.  Many, many years until an unrelated situation in my life forced me to become aware of the ice that had encircled my heart.

There are many cold hard wounds walking around in the world and it has an affect on everyone. 

Being in tune with our innermost feelings is what helps us and guides us to make heartfelt decisions in our lives, instead of operating purely from logic.  I know that there are some people who believe that choices in life should be made through reasoning and deductions from physical or circumstantial evidence but I disagree.  If our heart is not in something then I think that is key, and if we are not aware of the feelings in our heart then where does that leave us?

Wrong choices that are made on reason and logic alone are wreaking havoc in many areas of our lives, including the environment as well as the way we have handled the unfortunate circumstances endured by our First Nations people as well as people of other cultures and races,  just to name a few.

Poor choices create situations that may rob us of some freedoms and/or bring challenges in experiencing our rights (to be here, to have and to feel for starters) and so many people are at a loss.  So many people are experiencing anxiety, depression, panic and phobias and turning to pharmaceuticals, alcohol and illegal drugs to cope with the enduring pain.

Feelings are energy that will move through us if we allow it to happen. Feelings are a tool that we can use to understand more about ourselves – becoming aware of what situations cause fear or anxiety and addressing them. Emotions also shift constantly and knowing this can help us to not get too attached to certain feelings.

So this is our first step into the vast and complicated energy of Chakra 2.  This is where the rubber hits the road and that mighty block of ice that we have come to know as “DIS-COMFORT”.



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