Feelings and emotions are so personal and everyone has their own way of handling them. There are some who are very re-active and their feelings are expressed verbally and with everyone. Their mode of expression is almost instinctual.  Then there are those of us who are the thinkers and who keep the feelings in check and chew on them, and they stay in lock down forever.

Those are opposite of extremes and we all fall in the realm of in between.  No matter where or how you may identify with your own feelings, it’s important to know that you have a right to FEEL – whatever it is that you need to feel.  That is the natural law of Chakra 2.

The thing is, there can be a benefit to being consciously aware of how we are feeling about things and why.  If I find myself feeling resistance to someone or something, I ask myself why?  why am I feeling this need to back away or to not engage with whatever or whomever is in front of me at that moment?  There are powerful lessons in the answers to those questions and if you ask enough and dig deeply enough, you will learn things about yourself.  It’s good and useful knowledge too 🙂 

Resistance can be like a mirror if you take a really good hard look at what you are resisting.

Then there are the gut feelings that we get – something trying to tell us to tread carefully.  The uplifting and expansive heartfelt feelings of caring and sharing bring pleasant rewards – pleasant feelings.  These are signs and messages coming to us and are meant to assist us with guidance and making choices.

Understanding how we feel about things will create a stronger connection for us between our feelings and our emotions.  Many of us have times when we are emotional and we aren’t sure why.  Without being completely tuned into our feelings, we may not have a full grasp on just exactly what it’s about and that can be overwhelming, as well as lead to panic or anxiety.

Revealing the dynamics of Chakra 2 and the underlying energy that vibrates at and around this portal is the power behind the movement of Chakra 1 (our physical self).  Chakra 2 is our creative center and our feelings are what inspire that creativity. There are many many people who feel that they are not creative, but everyone is to some degree.  You don’t have to paint like Monet to be creative.  The thing is, the more that we can tune into our feelings, the more creative we become.

Along with becoming mindful of the deepest truths of our feelings, it is also imperative too that we are mindful of others and respect their feelings. As long as no one is getting hurt in the circumstances, honoring each others feelings is how we arrive at living peacefully. Each and every one of us hold a unique perspective on everything and this is the source of feeling. 

Our finger prints are one of a kind, as are our feelings. The right to those feelings and the acknowledgement of them, in the spirit of reverence and compassion is something that we owe to each other. 

We all have times when we want to debate the feelings of someone else – it’s that resistance thing I was talking about – however a kind and open ear (with a big deep breath if that is what it takes) can be a very humbling experience. 

This is just the beginning of digging into the depths of feelings, however the points here are key and create a foundation that allows us to name feelings and the impact that they have on our emotions.  Our energy in motion 🙂 



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